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October 6, 2008


I have been "back blogging". I have finally completed the first two legs of our Italy trip on the actual dates they occurred. Varenna and Liguria are complete. I will be continuing to finish writing about our last days in Piemonte, and all of our time in Bologna. Be patient. I trying to do a day each day. Click on ARCHIVES on the sidebar, then "September 2008". You MUST see my corzetti stamp!

Back to the present. I am feeling better, FINALLY, from this yucky flu bug I have had for NINE days. I finally went to the Doctor, got a shot, and hope I will be at 100% soon. I have a PARTY coming up! (No fear...I'm in good shape!)

Well, this post is about handbags, or PURSES, as we say in California!

Many of you know about my Furla addiction. I have to get at least one on each Italy trip. They are truly a bargain their compared to U.S. prices.

In Genoa, I got a little gold evening bag, just like the black beaded one I bought last year. It was 30% off. I love these little bags for travel, as they pack flat, and weigh little, but they hold everything I need for an evening out. It looks a lot like a lunch bag. (My mind always goes back to food!)


Now, I'm jumping ahead to my main Furla purchase in Bologna (TWO nearby Furla shops to where we were staying.) I needed a winter white bag, and I LOVE the handle.
It is gorgeous with my new sweater (later...). This is weird photo for seeing the shape, but best for seeing the handle.


You've already seen my prize bag from Bellagio, so I guess we need to round out the four regions we visited: Lombardy, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, and Piemonte. How could I not get this little 12 Euro sweet thing in Acqui Terme? Fiona was ready to fight me for it in the street! (Of course, she can borrow it...)


More shopping results coming soon...

October 9, 2008

Shoes from Italy

I rarely buy shoes in Italy. It is hard for me to find truly comfy shoes, but the shoes in Italy are so stylish and beautiful! This year, along with the drop dead gorgeous killer heels, I saw lots and lots of FLATS everywhere! The weather in Bologna was cooler than we expected, and our feet were freezing at night in my usual sandals, so I bought shoes AND socks! I know these flats will be great this winter for a couple of months when we wear closed toes in the desert!



But my FAVORITE Italian shoes... and I do mean ITALIAN SHOES, I bought in Portofino. Brad, Fiona and Steve all laughed at me. I didn't care. I think these will be fun as hell to wear with jeans.

You won't laugh at me when you click through for the photo, will you?

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October 10, 2008


I didn't do a ton of shopping on our recent Italy trip, (well, maybe a little in Bologna...) but I always manage to find a couple of reasonable accessories that will jazz up one of my old tired outfits at home.

For example, take any black top/dress, and add my new Acqui Terme shawl and necklace...a new outfit! The light in the photo is is an exact match!


Or how about this new inexpensive necklace from Ravenna on this old sweater?


I really like my old brown dress with this new bargain shawl from Como. It also makes a great table runner!


July 30, 2009

Ceramics Arrived

My two new ceramic purchases arrived from Orvieto yesterday. Getting large boxes from Italy is always a thrill, even when I know the contents. Last year I purchased the large ceramic deep "baking dish" on the right. The platter on the left is one of my two new pieces.


I also bought this new soup tureen.


I love sunflowers, lemons and poppies, and they all remind me of some of my favorite parts of Italy. I also love the twisty handles of this platter.


I really like how the artist depicted this sunflower's profile.


Brad was pleasantly surprised when he got home from work, and saw the newly decorated entry hall. And he thought I had no more room...hehehe.

October 7, 2009

New Ceramics Arrived!

There's nothing quite like a box from Italy at your front door! I ordered a few small items from Gialetti in Deruta in July, and they arrived this week.

I stayed with the theme of Girasoli. There are two large coffee cups with saucers.


Salad servers, cheese servers, a fork and spoon for antipasti, or whatever...


I love these ceramic handles!


I also bought a large ashtray, but it is too pretty to use that way. I might have to make it a serving bowl!


June 22, 2010

Italian Shopping Treasures

What is my favorite kind of store in Italy? Furla? NO, that would come in third! First is a KITCHEN shop!, second is a supermarket, and then I can browse at accessories!

I did buy some clothing and bags in Bologna, but my real treasures are small:
rosemary honey, fig marmellata, caramelized figs with balsamico, and sabba (cooked wine syrup)


A precious bottle of Balsamico di Modena aged in cherry wood:


Pasta-making tools:


Cookie cutters for cookies that sit on the edge of a glass or cup!

Treasures%204.jpg height="500" />

Panna cotta molds and shiny gold espresso cups:


COOKBOOKS!: One from our cooking class with Rafaella and Francesca, 2 that were gifts from Andrea (I have been cooking AMAZING recipes already!) There is an Emilia-Romagna cookbook, and DVDs from two sisters on "Everything with a Rolling pin: pastas, crusts, etc., and a gift of an Umbrian cookbook from Judith!


March 5, 2011

Sometimes You Find the PERFECT Thing!

I love to shop! It is no secret! But I have been VERY VERY good the past few months about NOT shopping. I have been trying to save money for my upcoming trip to Venice, Bologna for our Palmabella's Italy Tour, and a few days in Lake Como.

Today, we were out for a "family outing" with Luigi, and we passed a shoe store I like.
I walked in while Brad and Luigi were waiting outside, and told Brad, "I just saw the MOST perfect purse!" I showed it to Brad through the window. We walked away. Four stores later, I said, "I should just get it, right?" He replied, "You might as well, or we will just have to come back tomorrow."

I LOVE it!

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August 5, 2011

It All Started with an Evening Bag


Two years ago, when in Bellagio, I bought a beautiful leather and silk bag by Pierangelo Masciadri.. He has shops in both Bellagio and Venice, and is a very charming gentleman. I spent about an hour in his shop on my first visit, and wanted to return on our recent trip to Lake Como.



This time, I purchased a gorgeous silk "poncho" to go with my purse. (Make an outfit around an accessory!) It looks great with a black dress, skirt or dressy pants, and can be worn three different ways. I plan on wearing it during our next Las Vegas weekend!


August 14, 2011

The Perfect Shirt

Sometimes when shopping for something else, you spot the PERFECT item that you weren't even looking for! That was how I found this Italy/Wine shirt for Brad!

Down the center of the right side front of the shirt, is this embroidery:



Across the yolk on the back are the names of ALL the regions of Italy!



June 17, 2012

Furla Kind of Trip

It was a Furla kind of trip! After passing it numerous times, on our last day in Bologna, I finally hit the Furla shop. It was fun to catch up with the saleswomen I had popped in to visit with every day two years ago when I was studying Italian in Bologna. Brad got me the green one for my birthday, I purchased the brown one in Bologna, and the little gold clutch, I picked up in Padova! Yes, this is why I mailed home half my clothes (which arrived yesterday).


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