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Leaving Hawaii

We were supposed to leave March 1, but now it is March 24. We changed our leaving day THREE TIMES! A new personal best!

How can we do this? I had to use double miles to get these free Hawaii tickets because the free tickets with single miles are gone as soon as they are available. We wanted to fly first class because it is an overnight flight back and it was very expensive to buy upgradeable tickets, so I used miles. And lots of them.

So I can change our flights back at no charge and with a couple of days notice there are flight available (except on weekends).

February was a perfect month weather-wise. The best weather we have had on Kauai in the winter. It was hot (in the 80s), perhaps a bit too humid and hot, but perfect for swimming. The afternoon swim in the ocean was the only thing that cooled us off.

The cottage we were in was booked for all of March (the Little Grass Shack - LGS), but we found another similarly priced cottage that was free for all March because of a last minute cancellation (Omao Hideaway Cottage). It is not right near the ocean, but is an 8 minute drive away. So we added on 6 nights, and the weather was great, so we added on 5 more, and the weather was great, so we added on two more weeks, and the weather turned on us!! More rain and colder.

It was still pretty good up until about three days ago. It has been on and off pouring rain since. Sunny one minute, rain the next. We have still managed a swim on most days and a long walk.

Leaving for home tomorrow.

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