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Staying in Hawaii

As I was writing that earlier blog entry, Steve was in bed after having been up (and sick) most of the night with a stomach flu. I thought he would sleep it off in the morning and be fine. But it has hit him hard, so for the fourth time I have cancelled all our flights, called the housesitter, cancelled my chiropracter appointment, and we are staying another few days so he can recover.

I was able to convince Delta to let us fly back on a daytime flight through LA, with a stopover in LA, instead of the night flight to Salt Lake and then on to Albuquerque. We already had one stopover on this flight and were not supposed to get another, but I did the "but my husband is sick" whine and it worked. I would have booked that flight originally, having vowed to never do overnight from Hawaii again, but they had removed it from the schedule. Then it magically reappeared, but I was already booked.

It has been raining since Monday - three days. Little bits of sun break through and we went swimming on Monday and Tuesday. We could have gone today, but Steve could barely move.

He seems to be recovering now, so maybe the sun will come back out? I got nothing done today because I was so tired from being up all night worrying about Steve. It would have been the perfect day to get a bunch of work done on my new client site or at least some SlowTrav stuff. I don't know what I did today. Well, I did get this blog organized.

Now I need to work more on the template and make it pretty.

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