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The Perfect Swim

We come to Hawaii for the swimming. We always come to Kauai, to Poipu on the south shore. The south shore gets the best weather in the winter and has the calmest water. We always swim on the same beach - in front of the Sheraton Hotel. This sounds boring, but it isn't. This is the best swimming beach in Poipu.

These are the reasons that I love this beach.

The beach is a long and curves gently around a good sized cove.
The sand is good.
There are usually lots of people, but it is not too crowded. None of the beaches on Kauai get too crowded. I like to watch all the people: the local guys who boogie board on the incoming waves; the tourists pale and happy beyond belief to be at the beach; the regulars who have their whole routine of beach chairs, umbrellas and beach toys.
There are always people in swimming, close to the shore or a bit farther out.
There are people snorkling in the more rocky areas.
There are surfers farther out where the waves are breaking.
Twice there have been big sea turtles swimming in the water.
The waves are a bit rough, which makes the swimming fun.
The sand drops off suddenly and the water gets deep, so you can walk in through the breaking waves and then dive into the water.
The water is cold and crystal clear and is that tropical blue-green color.
You can swim forever - back and forth or straight out past the surfers.
When you look back at the shore, you see the perfect beach and rows of palm trees, and big clounds gathered over the inland mountains.
When you look out, you see only ocean.

I love swimming in the ocean. I do not swim in swimming pools because I do not want to immerse my body in chemicals. The ocean is a whole different story, especially the ocean around Poipu. There are no big rivers on this part of the island, so no agricultural run off in the water.

You dive in the water and it is so salty that it leaves a reside of salt on you after. I love the feeling of diving in and swimming underwater with my eyes open. I love the feeling of stretching your back and arms and legs when swimming. I like to flip over and float on my back until a wave crashes on top of me and sends water shooting up my nose. I like just paddling up and down on the waves as they come it - it feels like a rollar coaster.

In the water on the beach in front of the Sheraton, in Poipu, on Kauai, in Hawaii, you can have the perfect swim.

The only one that I have found that compares is on the beach under the Hotel Torre di Calla Piccola on Monte Argentario, Tuscany, Italy - and only in the height of summer.

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