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I couldn't live here

I like to say that I could not live on Kauai. We lived here for three months in 1988 and I was happy to leave. We have been here for 8 weeks now and I am looking forward to leaving. I do not like being inland where there are bugs and it is like a tropical rain forest. I like being at the edge of the ocean and that is where all the tourists stay.

I would not want to live in a place this much run for tourists. No one really lives in Poipu anymore - nearly all the houses on Hoona Road where we stay are for rent now. Only a few remain with permanent residents.

There is a new development going in, that will probably encourage full time residents, but it is going to change the nature of Poipu. It will be 1000+ monster homes along the road to Spouting Horn. More people, more traffic. It is not like Poipu is not developed - there is a line of hotels along the shore - but there are also condos and houses. Koloa, a few miles inland, has lots of t-shirt shops, but is still a cute and charming town. It will change with this new development.

And the prices here are insane. They have always been insane, but now they are more insane. $500,000+ for a run down cottage near the ocean - not on the ocean.

But if I could afford it, which I can't, I probably could live here. With a computer and high speed access and a way of making a living, I could probably live anywhere.

There is no NPR (radio), but I could listen to it online like I do at home now. There are no bookstores, except the big and boring Borders in Lihue, but I could shop online. I think I would be frustrated with travel from here - crowded small planes from Kauai to Honlulu. Then the long flight to the mainland. Because of all the tourists, these planes are booked way ahead - so no last minute trips! But we don't have it that easy flying from Albuquerque to Europe.

Too many pesticides on the hotel grounds. They bag houses to get rid of termites; cover the whole house in a plastic tent, then pump in pesticides. But if we move anywhere other than Santa Fe (and we are thinking of leaving), we will have to live in a place more full of pesticides. Santa Fe does not have many bugs and we pay for our water, so people do not have grassy yards, resulting in fewer pesticides.

The time change here makes it almost impossible for us to get any business done. Our first few hours of the day can be frantic as we try to get everything done before business closes on the east coast. Being in Europe is actually better for us business-wise. It is even there when it is business time on the east coast.

On other trips, I resented all the time taken out of the day by swimming. When you could in getting ready for the beach, being at the beach, changing and showering after, it is about three hours out of your day. But this trip, I never tired of the swimming. I want to swim all the time.

Maybe I just need the salt.

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