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Sometimes dealing with vacation rental agencies ...

We are off to Savannah on Wednesday for a weeks vacation and the Great Slow Travel Gathering!

We booked an apartment a year ago, when the Gathering was being arranged, with Luxury Living Savannah. Recently I had a few questions about parking and transport from the airport, so I emailed them. No reply. I email again. Then a very curt reply. A week before the rental I email again requesting some "fragrance-free" things - no air freshener, scented candles or scented soaps on the sheets. Again, no reply. I phoned today and they had received my email and passed it on to the housekeeper, but just had not replied to me.

The listing says there is a phone in the apartment. My confirmation email from a few weeks ago gives me the phone number even. Brenda, another Slow Traveler, emailed me to say there is no phone in her apartment, so I asked about that. They told me they took all the phones out of the apartments because no one uses them. I can understand that - but why did my confirmation have the phone number still? Maybe I had planned to use the phone. They did not care about that - just repeated that none of the apartments have phones.

I have always been a big supporter of vacation rental agencies - companies that understand travelers needs, can give advice and extra support. Some do, some don't. I hope the apartment is nice!

Gathering Webcam

We are going to have a live webcam for some of the Gathering events, starting Thursday evening. Tune in here!

I am looking forward to seeing all the Slow Travelers at the Gathering!

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That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it, Pauline?
My rental confirmation also says that there is a phone and gives the phone number, which I gave to everyone at home and at work as the evening contact number for me...I insisted that I have one because my brother is quite ill, well terminally ill actually, and I want to be able to stay in touch with them.
So, now I have a phone and my son can call me and so can anyone else from home who needs to talk with me about anything.
The phone and the internet were 2 reasons that I chose this rental, so there you go! Other than this little ripple, the apartment is stunning and gorgeous and clean as a whistle. I love it a lot, actually!
See you in a couple of days, Pauline!

Kim [TypeKey Profile Page]:

So Pauline, how about a review :D?

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