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May 15, 2004

The Anniversary Contest

Steve and I came up with this idea for a contest to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the message board (June 15) and I thought it would be great fun, and not involve much work. Wrong. The prizes have flooded in and I am realizing how much work it will be organizing the judging, doing the judging and making sure the prizes get awarded correctly. Not to mention posting all the wonderful new content that is coming in (that is how people will win prizes).

The best thing about the contest is how prizes are going to be awarded. It is part contest and part raffle. You have to "win" the contest to be part of the raffle. This makes it less competitive and more fun. Plus, when we do the raffle, we give each person a number (as their name is pulled from the hat), and that is the order they select their prizes. So people will get to choose a prize that suits them.

The prizes are excellent. Have a look!!

I lost an entire week to Movable Type, but then was so darned pleased with myself figuring out how it works, redoing all the templates to make the blog pages look like part of Slow Travel. And today they announced that the commercial version of the software for the new release is way more expensive (I paid $150, now it will be more like $500) and you run a limited number of blogs!! I was planning to bring lots of Slow Travelers blogs online!! I guess I will have to go back to Blogger for the majority of blogs. I was in a snit all day today because of this. So are lots of other bloggers.

I am working on Alice's train section. This current bit is fiddly, but will be excellent when I get done. She has written a detailed description for each type of train ticket, making graphics showing each part of the ticket and how to read it. Trains in Italy will be fully documented when we are done, and will no longer be a mystery to anyone.

I have been doing more of my own writing for the site, but need to do more. It feels like I have been working for months on What is Slow Travel? I keep messing with the style sheets, when what I really need is to schedule two weeks to redo the style sheets for the whole site, instead of picking at it one section at a time. I am just getting confused.

I also need to schedule two weeks or maybe a month to convert the whole site from FrontPage to Dreamweaver. The FrontPage extensions have screwed me for the last time - now I am mad!! The classifieds were down for a whole day because FrontPage extensions were reinstalled and the permissions throughout the site got messed up.

We are going to New York City for a big SlowTrav part June 10. All the moderators, except Maureen who will be in Italy and Cristina who lives in Italy, will be there. Three of us will be staying at the same hotel (me, Colleen, Chris). I am pretty excited about this trip. I still have to buy the plane tickets - we are thinking of adding on a few days back east and can't decide where and how long.

And I still have not booked our first week in September for our England trip. If I don't do that soon, it will no longer be possible.

But it is Saturday night and we are watching the first season of Upstairs, Downstairs on DVD!!!

January 18, 2006

Slow Travel Contest 2006

We had our Slow Travel Contest 2006 last weekend and it was such a rush! We announced the winners on Friday (nine of us selected 100 winners from 400 entries - very difficult because the entries were all fabulous), then on Saturday did a drawing to determine the order in which the winners pick their prizes.

It took nearly two hours to draw the 100 names. We had a webcam going, people on speaker phone, a chat room with 30 - 60 people in it, and I was posting the names on the message board. Once we finished, people started picking their prizes.


Steve is blindfolded and picks the winners. Connie opens up the paper (each one was folded twice and taped) and reads the winner. I typed the name into a thread on the message board and Chris or Amy (who were on the phone) typed the name in the chat room.

It is taking longer this time for people to choose because we have so many accommodations prize, so they have to email about availibility. But it is going along and the first 14 people have chosen.

You can watch this on the message board.

It was a wonderful contest - better prizes than I ever thought possible and absolutely wonderful articles, trip report, photo essays sent in by Slow Travelers.

January 12, 2007

Internet Brands Acquires Slow Travel!

The news this week is the announcement that Internet Brands ( has acquired the Slow Travel sites (,,

I am pleased to announce that the Slow Travel websites are joining Internet Brands’ family of travel sites. Internet Brands, based in Los Angeles, runs websites in three vertical markets: Automotive, Real Estate & Home Finance and Travel. Read more about them here:

The Slow Travel websites –,, – join Internet Brands’ other popular travel sites:,,,,,, and

You won’t notice any major changes in the Slow Travel websites and message board; I am working with Internet Brands to make sure everything keeps running as it does now.

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February 11, 2007

What does Slow Travel mean?

Slow Travel is a way of slowing down your vacation by staying in vacation rentals, spending one week in a place and seeing what is near you. This gives you the time in one place to experience it in more depth. I started using the term "slow travel" in 2000, when I created the website. It took me 16 pages on the website to explain my ideas about the subject (What is Slow Travel?). For me, and for the members of the SlowTravel community, no matter how clumsy the definition, this is what slow travel means. I trademarked the term "Slow Travel" in the US in 2005; European Trademark is pending. (Trademark now owned by Internet Brands, the new owner of

"'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less.' 'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you CAN make words mean so many different things.'"
Chapter VI, Humpty Dumpty, "Through the Looking-Glass", by Lewis Carroll, 1871

Carving on a wall in Pitigliano, southern Tuscany
Take the time on your vacation to explore all the streets in the village and find interesting old carvings.

Slow Travel does NOT mean taking trains

About six months ago, a new definition of slow travel popped up - slow travel meaning taking the train instead of flying. This should be called "green travel" – not slow travel. The first time I heard this different meaning was in an AlterNet article quoting from the Sierra Club magazine interview with Mark Ellingham, founder of the popular Rough Guide travel guides. Mark Ellingham did not use the term "slow travel" but Jay Walljasper used it when he talked about Ellingham's views.
"Ellingham advocates a Slow Travel movement, along the lines of the Slow Food movement, in which people savour their vacation experiences. 'Travelling slower gives you a sense of place,' he told Sierra magazine. ‘Trains give you the chance to talk to people, to see a landscape unfold.'"
AlterNet, "Air Travel is Killing the Planet", by Jay Walljasper, October 17, 2006

This article was quoted in an article on WorldHum, "Can Slow Travel Save the Planet?", October 19, 2006

Since then the term "slow travel" has been used in several articles in the British press to mean travel by train. Just this week an article in the Guardian combined this new meaning with my original meaning.

"Further evidence of the slow travel movement gaining momentum is the popularity of the US site It's not just how we get there that's important, they say, but how we behave when we're there."
Guardian, "Best of the net – Quick guide to slow travel", by Sean Dobson, February 10, 2007

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February 27, 2007

Moo Mini Cards - cute, cute, cute!!

Moo Mini Cards - these are so cute!

Recently, SlowTrav was mentioned in Skirt Magazine, in a fun article called "7 Deadly Sins". We were sin #2 - Take the lazy way. This is a womens' magazine available in the Southeast. Kaydee posted about it in this thread on the message board.

Kaydee listed the other sins and #4 was "Take pride in your pictures". Kaydee's note: interesting ... something you can do through flickr to get 100 little personal cards.

I like cards, I like photos, I like little - sounded perfect! So I created an account on Flickr (been meaning to do this for ages) and uploaded a bunch of photos of my house and my cat.

Moo Mini Cards

This photo shows the Moo cards, with a Slow Travel card and another business card to show the size. You see the nice box and the cute cover.

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May 8, 2007

The Interview that was not published

I did this email interview in April, for Packed Magazine, but it did not get published.

Interview by Paul Scraton, editor of Packed Magazine, a European magazine for independent travellers. With Pauline Kenny, Santa Fe, NM – founder of Slow Travel,

April 10, 2007

What does “Slow Travel” mean to you?
Slow Travel means staying in vacation rentals and exploring the area close by. Instead of sleeping in two or three different towns in a week, or driving around to see every sight within reach, spend a week in one place in a vacation rental. This lets you slow down your trip and immerse yourself in the local culture.

How did you come to build the Slow Travel website?
In spring 2000, I decided to teach myself web design and figured the best way to learn would be to put up a website, so I needed a topic. We had been traveling in Europe, staying in vacation rentals, since 1988. Back then, finding vacation rentals was not easy, so I kept lots of notes on places we rented and other places that I thought looked good. From this I made a website! And then I made a philosophy to justify the way we travel.

What is important to think about when planning a “Slow Travel” trip?
Figure out where you want to go and find some good looking vacation rentals (read reviews!). Book the vacation rentals first because the good ones are taken six months to a year ahead.

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September 28, 2007

SlowTrav moved to a new server

We moved to a new server (for and a couple of weeks ago, but there have been a few residual problems. is running slow, we had some problems with the blogs and the blog control panels are slow and was down most of today.

Moving to a new server ain't easy! Slowtrav and slowphotos are big sites and the move was not easy. Things will get worked out over the next week and we will be back to normal.

December 25, 2007

National Geographic Traveler Mentions Slow Travel!

National Geographic Traveler, Smart Traveler section, "Slow Down - We're Movin' Too Fast", by Margaret Loftus, January 2008.

Exerpt from article: "Pauline Kenny was roaming through a roomful of Rubens paintings at Munich's Alte Pinakothek when it dawned on her. "Must-sees" just weren't her cup of tea. She and her husband had been traveling through Europe, following the guidebook. "We'd go to a new place and work our way down the list," she explains. But it wasn't until that moment in a crowded museum that Kenny knew she'd much prefer to see the world on her own terms and at her own pace. That is, slowly."

National Geographic Traveler, January 2008

This is the Academy Awards of mentions for me. National Geographic Traveler is one of the top three travel magazines and I am very proud to have them write about the Slow Travel community! What a nice way to start the new year!

February 2, 2008

Vacation Home Expo, Atlanta, April 12 - 13

Come to the Vacation Home Expo, the weekend of April 12 - 13, in Atlanta, at the Cobb Galleria Centre!

Vacation Home Expo

Pauline Kenny, founder of Slow Travel, and Kathy Wood, from The Luberon Experience, present "Slow Travel ... We’re moving too fast". Find out about this emerging vacation rental lifestyle that's spreading throughout Europe and worldwide. Gail Hecko of Gail's Great Escapes will join Pauline and Kathy at the Slow Travel booth for the weekend. Drop by and say hello!

The Vacation Home Expo is happening side by side with the Atlanta Travel Expo. Two great travel shows for the price of one, both presented by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. All Slow Travel members receive $5 discount off the Show admission fee of $10 (print your Slow Travel Forums profile to show you are a Slow Traveler).

March 28, 2008

Special Price for the Vacation Home Expo

and Pauline Kenny and Kathy Wood from the Slow Travel community will be there!

Come visit our booth at the travel industry’s only consumer travel Show focused solely on the condominium, villa, and vacation home rental experience. Pauline, Kathy and Gail will be at the booth all day Saturday and Sunday.

Pauline and Kathy will be talking about "Slow Travel … We're Moving too Fast. Find out about this Emerging Vacation Rental Lifestyle that’s spreading throughout Europe and Worldwide"
>>> Saturday and Sunday: 3:00pm – 3:45pm

Meet directly with exhibitors representing vacation rental properties and resorts from around the world.

- Take advantage of Show-only deals and special discounts

- Attend educational seminars featuring vacation rental “insider tips” on emerging consumer travel trends and hot new destinations

- Plus, enter to win exclusive trip giveaways, prizes, and more!

Saturday April 12 / 10AM – 6PM
Sunday April 13 / 10AM - 5PM
Cobb Galleria / Atlanta, GA

Special Discounted Ticket Price

Admission - $ 5 Adult Discounted Rate (Under 18 Free)

CLICK HERE For Your Special Discount Ticket - ENTER PROMO CODE VHEDEAL

Lots of Interesting Exhibitors

Here is the list of exhibitors at the travel show. Many vacation rental agencies will have booths there.

April 24, 2008

Views from the Slow Lane moves to a new location!

Hello Slow Travelers! I have been running my “Views from the Slow Lane” blog for several years on the Slow Travel website, which I used to own and run. I sold the site to Internet Brands last year. I am still part of the Slow Travel community and like what Internet Brands is doing with the site, but I decided to move my blog to my new site.

Come on over to its new location: Views from the Slow Lane.

This page contains an archive of all entries posted to Views from the Slow Lane in the SlowTrav/SlowTalk category. They are listed from oldest to newest.

North America Travel is the previous category.

Travel Information is the next category.

Many more can be found on the main index page or by looking through the archives.


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