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I love to travel, even though I always burden myself with far too much luggage! I also love to write, so here's my attempt to combine the two....

I was a reporter for 20 years, and recently left journalism, because it was time for a change. Now, I'm a speechwriter, which mostly means I can write much longer pieces than I was ever allowed before. Which might not be a good thing. I'm a huge fan of Slow Travel and pretty much all things Italian.

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Barb Cabot:

Just came upon your blog. I'm hooked..have fun for all of us state side.


We have been traveling the globe for many years...I really enjoy reading blogs of other world travelers...We too, have been planning a trip to Italy....clingcling...a toast to the adventures of travel...Yaya


I am enjoying your blog entries. Keep them coming!


Just found your blog and I'm very interested because I, along with nine other girlfriends, will be in Umbria the first week in May.


I found your blog when I was searching for a song from Paolo Conte - Via con me. Not only I found a song with video, I also found a great blog about beloved Italy, where I like to return winter or summer for a holiday.
I will subscribe for RSS if available.
And thank you for writing.


I was in SlowTravel and saw your post !
Well ... you made me really proud to be italian !
Hope to see y in Rome !

Heard about your knee in Culinary Wasteland. Hope it is repairable. Had a knee replacement in Sep 2009, and 6 weeks later did 6 miles on my bike. Ended the season with 2000 miles. At 68 I was very nervous about surgery, but my life is back and will be able to walk through the streets of Italy this spring. There is always hope.

Great blog, mi piaache l'Italia e tuto italiano


Thanks Greg, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Patrick Oleskey:

My partner Tammy and I are renting an apartment in Bologna for 10 days. I found your blog and am quickly ripping through your articles. I'll be keeping an eye out Bologna articles and possible day trips. Keep up the great writing!

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