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I'm working on getting a new passport....

An Irish passport. Have I mentioned that I'm an Irish citizen? I've extremely proud of this, because it's actually a very new discovery!

I am, of course, a Canadian, born and raised here and haven't (as yet!) lived in another country. But my Dad was born in Northern Ireland and when I was a child, he and my grandparents would talk from time to time about the old country. I've wanted to visit Ireland sin then, and perhaps hunt up some long lost relatives. However, I keep putting it off, I suppose because I take for granted that I can go to Ireland at any time. Other places -- China, Hong Kong, Turkey, even Austria and Germany -- have seemed so much more exciting and exotic that I needed to see them before anything else. And now, of course, my obsession with Italy occupies much of my attention.

However, I've been thinking for a while about getting an Irish passport, which would (of course) ease my entry to European Union countries -- including (of course!) Italy. (I believe that I have mentioned that I am obsessed with Italy and perhaps someday living there.)

Anyway, since my father died two years ago, I have for some reason felt a stronger urge to obtain an Irish passport and somehow forge a stronger connection with his homeland. I had assumed the first step would be getting Irish citizenship, however that might be done; and after that, applying for my passport.

Late last year, as I began to seriously seek information about becoming an Irish citizen, I came across a list of commonly asked questions on the Embassy of Ireland website. I was actually thrilled when I read one of the very first points made: If one of your parents was born in Ireland, you are automatically a citizen! I'm an Irish Citizen!

It feels really cool! I am Canadian AND I am Irish.

I've recent requested the proper passport application forms, and am also writing to the administrative office in the county where my father was born, to get an official, original copy of Dad's birth certificate. (I only have an old photocopy!)

I don't exactly know where I'm going with all of this -- but it's bound to be interesting!

Thanks, Dad.

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Cool! Now you can live and work all over Europe if you so desire...

Very cool!! My grandfather was unfortunately born 2 years after my great-grandfather (Italian side) got his naturalization papers. If only he had waited until my grandfather was born. I would then have had a chance to get Italian citizenship.

I still have not traced my Irish/Scottish side back enough to see if I could go for Irish or Scottish citizenship.


Congratulations. You can come here and work and even get free health care.

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