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It's Monday and it's still February. Reason enough to be cranky.

I usually try not to give in when I'm feeling cranky, and try not be an old bear. But today, I'm giving in and letting the waves of crankiness wash over me.

First of all, I've had a migraine headache since Sunday morning. Not the really vicious kind that knocks all the stuffing out of me, just the more irritating kind that sits on one side of my head and burns. I can still think and function at an okay level, but not terribly well.

The weather probably is playing a part in this -- after very cold weather and a lot of snow, the temperature suddenly popped above zero C late Sunday and it rained quite a bit. So this morning, walking to work was a bit of a strain because there were a fair number of icy patches on the sidewalks, many hidden under puddles so if you slipped, you'd splash down in cold water.

Fortunately, I didn't slip because I waddled along slowly, like an elderly lady with bad hips. Actually, with my heavy gym bag, umbrella and sore head I probably looked exactly like an elderly lady with bad hips!

The streets were pretty quiet, though, because the Ontario government -- like several other provincial governments -- designated today a statutory holiday, called Family Day. I work for a federal agency, so no stat holiday for me.

Then, I walk into my department's morning meeting. I happen to be the only single woman in the department, there is one single man. And one man who considers himself a wit, but often is more obnoxious than anything else.

And he certainly rose to the occasion today. As I sat down, the wit turned to me and Leo, the other office single, and loudly asked: "So Sandra, Leo, how are YOU both going to be spending Family Day?" Obviously, as single people, a Family Day could have no meaning because without children or a partner, we clearly are without families.

I snapped back: "I don't know, maybe I'll phone my mother. Or my brothers. Or sister, Or someone in my family." (And under my breath, I added: "you arse.")

Yeesh. Now, I suppose this colleague of mine was simply trying to poke fun at governments' inventing a new holiday, presumably to curry favour with the voters. But I prefer my political humour to: a. actually be funny; b. to actually have a point!

Okay, clearly, I'm a little too defensive about being single in a world that still revolves around more conventional notions of family; that is, after a certain age, most people marry and have children. It hasn't happened for me (yet) but I shouldn't be so prickly about being unconventional.

I'll blame my ill humour on the fact that it's Monday, it's February, bad weather, headaches, and a colleagues who can at times be .... (I'm thinking of a word here that begins with an a)......annoying!!!

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Oh Sandra, first you know I feel for you with your migraine. I know just what kind you are describing.

I also understand the "single thing". That is one reason why I am happy when Valentine's Day is over. I just went with it this year, which made it easier than in years past.

I love the way you described your "wit" worker. I will have to remember to use that word sometime.

What dim-whit that guy is. you should have asked him if he was looking for a an invitation.
Is there a hammam near you. Nothing like a hot steamy room to relax the brain and sore muscles.


Angie, I haven't been in hamman since I last visited Istanbul....it was fantastic! Maybe that would be the answer to a rough day (and a migraine.)


Alas, MY provincial government (NS) didn't jump on the Family Day bandwagon. But we do have a plethora of wits so I feel your pain!

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