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That's Ms Rat to you.

YIKES!!! I wrote this on Sunday, Feb.10th but it didn't seem to post -- so if, in fact, it did and I'm repeating myself, sorry.

But here goes......

I realize that I'm pretty far behind the curve here, given that the Year of the Rat, on the Chinese calendar, actually began four days ago. However, since I am a Rat -- and a Rat on the Beam no less -- I believe I'm allowed a few days grace.....

Girasoli and TuscanArtist have both posted some interesting info about the Year of the Rat on their blogs. Very interesting. But, rat-like, I've turned to my own book of Chinese horoscopes, focused on the Rat, for further information. (This book was a birthday gift from a fellow Rat about 10 years ago, my friend Sylvia who is very much a Rat. In the best sense of the word, of course)

A Rat on the Beam, according to my Rat book, include those of us born in 1960, or those born in 1900. (Which would make them the Rats of longevity.) Anyway, the Rat on the Beam is the kingpin of the house and basically runs things. Since I live alone, I can assure you that this is the truth, at least in my house.

I also like one of the first lines in the description of beam rats' personality: "Over the years, you are likely to have learned to master the Rat's instinctive cunning and distrust." Alas, that isn't a particularly flattering description of my personality, but I suspect it's fairly accurate. I can only hope the wisdom that supposedly comes with age will temper my "instinctive cunning and distrust."

We Rats on the Beam apparently also fear that we haven't been successful. Also true for me -- and probably for the vast majority of people! I suppose that's one of the great challenges of life: to each define for herself what constitutes success.

Yikes! The final pages of the book warn that the Year of the Rat isn't always a good time for Rats themselves -- "any business transactions will be difficult and unfortunately, you will be at risk." At risk of what? Dying of boredom at the gym? Quitting my job and moving to Italy? Believing my Chinese horoscope?

But as I reflect on being a Rat, and the Year of Rat, I think I understand better why I so loved the 2007 movie: Ratatouille. I loved the spirit of optimism and the notion that perhaps not everyone can be great, but greatness can come from anywhere! And I think, with the Rat's sense of clannishness, I must also have loved the depiction of Remy, a Rat with great sensibilities.

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I am the year of the boar (1959). You will have to send me my forecast sometime.

Interesting info on your year :-)

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