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The Pope is not the patron saint of travelers!

Okay, I'm cheating a little today. Instead of writing a fresh blog entry, I'm just going to attach a link to a story about Assisi that I wrote for the Toronto Globe and Mail. It ran today in the Globe's travel section and while the Globe is Canada's largest newspaper, I don't think the Pope (or my very Catholic mother!) will see it. I especially hope they don't see the cartoon the Globe produced, of a very scary Pope, which they used to illustrate the piece!

I do hope this link works, especially since I had a few nice things to say about Letizia's agriturismo and cooking school in Assisi in the story. I have many, many nice things to say about Letizia, but I did have to stick to the story line......


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Great article! You are an amazing writer. I only wish I had a quarter of your talent. I would not say that is cheating at all.


I love the article. Nice entry to Letizia. I can just imagine the tv crews laying the cable in the church.


Great article, Sandra. Since Assisi is one of my favorite Umbrian haunts, I chuckled several times as you described your day.


Thank you all! I think anyone can write well when they have such wonderful material to work with. I was just looking at Anne's photos of Assisi on her blog, There and Back Again, and it's really making me pine for Italy.

I really loved your article, it is wonderful! I felt like I was there with you!

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