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These ladies are leaving me in their intellectual dust.

I spent this afternoon with my friend Eva who wanted some help buying her first computer. Eva is 80 and intent on keeping up with technology. Also, she can't find ribbons anymore for her typewriter. I can sympathize, at least with the latter point.

I'm not sure I was much help to her, as I tried to explain how the Internet works; whether a laptop might be better, or worse, than a desktop; wireless versus high-speed. I mean, I'm so inept with technology that I still don't even know how to upload photos from my new digital camera. (The very plain appearance of this blog is mute testament to my inability to make the most of available technology.)

Still, I can (and did) print out Consumer Report reviews of various types and brands of computers for Eva, and will happily drive her around if she wants to go computer shopping at some point. She might just buy a Dell and have it delivered. Or, maybe I can find a good, gently used computer (if such a thing exists) to ease the pressure on her budget.

Eva, who was my next-door neighbour in my old apartment building, took a computer course at the local library last year, so she's pretty familiar with the word processing functions of the computer. Familiar enough to stump me with some of her questions.

I really have to admire her willingness to tackle some as daunting (at least, daunting to me) as new and evolving technology.

Meanwhile, out in Alberta, staff at the seniors' residence where my Mom is now settling in, have also bought a computer for the residents' use and apparently plan to help any interested residents learn how to use email. Mom, who moved into the Manor House about two weeks ago, is a bit sceptical about the whole enterprise. But I think that's because she loves talking on the phone (she's taken to carrying a cordless phone everywhere) and would rather talk than keyboard.

Still, it would be very cool if Mom, at 82, got email, so we could exchange notes and photos. Mind you, it would be fairly humiliating if she (and Eva) both master the art, or craft, of uploading photos before I do. I'd better stop watching movies and apply myself to learning something how to make the most of the digital camera!

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After my sister had to print out my blog entries everyday for a month last July, she put on the pressure and finally convinced my mom to get her own computer...now she just needs to learn to use it.

btw, I love the titles of your posts, much more imaginative than mine!

I'm so proud of my mom. At 84 she emails me all the time, can send me "funnies" as an attachment and just learned how to scan to send me all the heritage photos I am working with - all those Australian 1920s photos.


I'm so happy (and envious) of you both -- I wish that my Mom would become more interested in using email. (BTW, Leslie, maybe your Mom could teach me how to attach photos to emails, or blogs!)

It would be so great to exchange messages and pictures with her. Especially since she has moved into the Manor House -- I can't ever reach her by phone any more; she's off doing crafts or exercise class with her buddies! (She's loving her new home, thank God!)

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