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"Where the hell are the singing cats?"

Anyone remember that line from actor Paul Newman? It was hilarious. If I remember right, he made a guest appearance when Late Night with David Letterman was getting up and running 15 years ago. Newman spoke that line from the audience, pretending he had accidentally wandered into the Late Night talk show, while looking for the musical just down the street......

So anyway. I was thinking about that line today and it took me a while to figure out why it had popped into my mind. Partly because it was a funny moment, and partly because I liked Cats, the musical.

But I think it was hovering in the back of my so-called mind, because I really,really enjoy people dressed as animals, and as other objects. Not clowns, of course, I have a horror of clowns.

What triggered all of this, I think, was my renewed addiction to the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese advertisements from Italy, which were all the rage a year or so ago on Slow Travel.

Someone had found and posted a link to these ads, which featured wonderful dancing tomatoes and eggplants (and even a rather fey dancing wedge of cheese) and singing this tune: "Pa,Pa,Pa, Parmigiano, oh Re,Re,Re,Re Reggiano, oh...."

It had taken me weeks to get the song out of my head. Then, this week, I was talking with my colleague Philippe (who is here from one year from the European Central Bank) about these ads and sent him the YouTube link. Naturally, I had to listen to it again myself, and now it's once again running through my head.

As an aside, Philippe is the only person I know who will listen and indeed, encourages me to talk endlessly about Italy, because he lived several years in Milano. He's an interesting guy, originally from France, studied in London, worked in Milano and now is based in Frankfurt with the ECB (except when he is on exchanges to Canada!)

I think all my talk about longing to live in Italy is making Philippe homesick to live there again. Or at least, is making him want to eat a lot of cheese!

Sing with me now! Pa,Pa,Pa,Pa, Parmigiano, oh hey, Re,Re,Re,Re Reggiano, oh...


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I found a chunk of Parmiggiano in my hand bag, it was wrapped in plastic. I had gone grocery shopping two days before but I was wondering why my bag was so dam heavy and ecco: 300 gr of Parmigiano. I thought of leaving it there are pulling it out when I went ot pay for things.

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