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Finally, a bit of art!

Thanks to Kim, I've finally got a bit of art on my blog. (And thanks to my fellow bloggers who have noticed and commented!) This photo was taken in late January in Rome. Back here in Ottawa, at that time, I would have been shivering in my long johns. But in Rome, outside the Pantheon, it was about 15 degrees C (which is about 60 degrees F,) sunny and my raincoat was more than warm enough!

My January visit to Rome really was a revelation. I love Rome, but at times it can be really annoying experience. When it's extremely hot and humid, as I experienced in June 2007, and very crowded, I think Rome would test the patience of a saint. Which I most certainly am not.

But Rome in January was fairly warm, not crowded or cranky, and seemed more real to me. I think that says more about me than it does about the city! I'll definitely return to Rome in the winter.

Kim very cleverly cropped a photo of me taken in front of the Pantheon, and isolated the top of the snapshot to use as a header for my blog.

She then isolated me in the photo to create this sidebar pix of me, staring foolishly up into space. A very kind person might say that it appears as though I'm looking up in wonder at the roof of the Pantheon. In fact, I think something had caught my eye in a window above the Piazza della Rotunda and I'm peering up (snoop that I am) to get a better look. I'm also clutching a bag of goodies that I had just bought at Ai Monasteri, including soaps and a bottle of the whimsically named Elixir della Felicita. Actually, I'm probably looking up to watch the last of my cash fly away, along with any hope of staying out of debt.

No matter. I always need soap and as much elixir of happiness that I can get my paws on. I really believe that a person can never, ever have too many holds on happiness.

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I love the new look.

Love the new header!

I want to know, who took the picture?



I beg to disagree. It's a very nice picture; I like the expression on your face.

And I love the header photo too - didn't see that yesterday!

The Pantheon is amazing. I went there on a Sunday morning when Mass was going on, and it was so beautiful.

I was in Rome in September and reading your blog has me sold on going back in January.


Thanks, everyone!

Girasoli, a friend from Ottawa, Marcie, was passing through Rome the last day I was there, so she took the shot. I'm glad she did -- since I travel alone so much I never get into my own shots!

Annie, I'm completely sold on Rome in January -- I'm going to make this a regular event, I think (maybe not annual, but regular!)

I'm in for this madness!
I love your photo~ it must bring back happy memories to see it. I can almost see the awe!
Bugalu to you =D


I really like that photo of you; there's something charming about the expression on your face.

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