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The Lamest Songs of All Time

I was listening to CBC Radio's Saturday morning show GO! when host Brent Bambury introduced a contest based on the theme: The lamest songs of all time.

I had to laugh at the show's picks, which aren't (at least, to me) the lamest songs ever! But it got me thinking about what would be a few of my picks for lame-leaders.

But first, here are the GO! show's picks (and this is doubtless, not an exhaustive list):

1. John Denver: Leavin' On A Jet Plane
2. Madonna: Holiday
3. The Bangles: Just Another Manic Monday (a song written by Prince, which may be what doomed it)
4. Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine: Congo.

To me, those are no where near as lame as a few of my most hated songs of all time. So, here is my very short list of the lamest songs in the universe (and again, not an exhaustive list)

1. Rupert Holmes: Escape (The Pina Colada Song) This horror of this so-called song is immediately evident: "I was tired of my lady/We'd been together too long." If anyone called me his "lady" or sang that to me, I'd give him a pina colada all right.
2. Roger Whittaker: The Last Farewell. I think he actually whistles in that song. Shudder.
3. Terry Jacks: Seasons in The Sun. "It's hard to die/When all the birds are singing in the sky."
4. Barry Manilow: Mandy.

Double ick.

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:-) I have to laugh at this post and if my memory is correct, I think I liked that song "Season in the Sun". I remember singing it all of the time when it was out - of course I might not have ever actually listened to the words.


Hey, I happen to like Manic Monday. I'm with you on Barry Manilow, though. I'd put anything by him on the list. I'd add:
Valley Girl, Moon Unit Zappa
Mmmm Bop, Hanson
Hey Mickey, Toni Basil


Manilow, I agree. Double ick. :)


Jill, I also don't think Manic Monday is so bad. Certainly better than Sheena Easton's Morning Train!

Girasoli, I think I read somewhere that Seasons in the Sun was one of the most popular pop songs of all time. I think I just had enough of it about 20 years ago!

Your additions are definitely very lame songs. There are a couple of questionable ones in the first set. I really like Madonna's Holiday.


I missed that "Go" show, but normally it's part of my Sat am routine.

Ugh, I hate that Pina Colada song. Dare I admit The Last Farewell was a fave of mine during my sappy junior high school years? NEVER have I liked Barry Manilow though. Ew...

"Feelings....nothing more than feelings...."

Not sure who did this one but I heard it this weekend and had to laugh/cringe.


Wait! Did anyone mention, "Billy, don't be a hero. Don't be a fool with your life." :)

Chris likes that pina colada song, but I'm with you, I think the guy is a putz. They were both looking to cheat on each other; gimme a break.

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