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Three things

I'm borrowing this great idea of Three Things (no, not Three Kings!) from Kim, of What I Really Think, who borrowed it from Amy, of Destination Anywhere.

Three Things I Learned from my Father:
1. How to boil an egg. Seriously, he loved hard-boiled eggs and was good at cooking them.
2. How to change the oil in my car. Not that I actually do this, but he thought it would be useful for me to know.
3. That good table manners are extremely important.Curiously, he learned that working in lumber camps in the 1940s, and it stuck.

Three Things I Learned from my Mother:
1. If you tell lies, they will come back to haunt you.
2. Stand up for yourself.
3. Don't run up debt and keep your chequebook balanced. Which, incredibly, I actually follow.

Three Things I've Learned from my dearest friends:
1. Friendship is incredibly valuable, and good friends are to be cherished and nurtured.
2. You can never be too kind.
3. Gossip is extremely dangerous.

Three Things I want everyone to Learn from Me:
1. We can never be too kind.
2. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself, and be gentle. I have an inner voice that at times is so quiet I barely notice it, but it constantly second-guesses and undermines my decisions and my confidence. If you have one of those, try to be aware and turn it off.
3. Stand up straight. Bad posture really hurts!

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Heh. I just straightened up, promise!
Great lists.

I was slumping but I'm sitting up straight now!

Love the reminder about the inner voice too.


Oooh, that inner voice; I wish mine was quiet.

Okay - so on the hard boiled eggs, here's my question. I always ate them with hard centers but when we were in Puglia the place we stayed served them with slightly soft centers, which I really enjoyed - so is that considered a soft boiled egg or an undercooked hard-boiled egg?


Kim, I'd definitely say that would be a soft-boiled....but then, anything with a runny yolk, I'd call undercooked. I'll bet many would disagree!

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