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Why, oh why, did my cleaning lady dump me?

She just stopped returning my calls one day and so I've never known why -- was it something I did, or said? I miss her, and I'm reminded of it on days like today when I decided that for Good Friday penance, I would vacuum and clean all my floors. That didn't used to be such a large task, when I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. Now that I have 1,400 square feet of hardwood and granite floors, it's a bigger task.

Indeed, I can barely type because I must have held the mop in such a death grip that my RSI has flared up in a major way. Yet, I have to tell my painful story...

Christine was such a good cleaning lady. A bit expensive, but she did very good work, even rearranging my underwear drawer and the jumble of cleaning supplies, plant fertilizer, etc., that had collected under the kitchen sink. But I just don't think I was enough for her. She took to pulling down all the curtains and throwing them in the washing machine, quite often. The drawer rearranging was another sign that she was bored, I suppose.

Because I lived in a one-bedroom apartment -- although it was 900 square feet, which is really quite a good size! -- I did feel some shame about having a cleaning lady. But I hate washing floors and never seemed to get in behind the stove. Christine was wonderful -- she did all that and sometimes even cleaned the fridge. However, since I live alone, the place didn't get all that dirty, I really only needed her about once every eight weeks. I think most of her clients -- people with large homes, pets and children with sticky fingers -- were more likely on a cleaning -every-two-weeks schedule.

Oh, I know I'm making excuses. Yet maybe it was more hassle for her to come downtown to my apartment than it was worth....but I'll never know. She cut me off. She stopped talking my calls, never returned my messages. I was dumped.

Now, I'm out of the cleaning lady-scene. I just don't have the heart to start again. Well, okay, actually I'm too cheap to find a new cleaner. I hate cleaning but I just remind myself, as I work, of what great things I'll do on my next trip to Italy with the money I'm saving by doing my own cleaning.

If I can just stop gripping the mop so hard and triggering my RSI.....

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I kid you not, a client once came in to therapy, and said she had suffered a "trauma"...her cleaning lady quit! At the time, I thought, "Oh Please! There are so many suffering in the world... get OVER it!"

Having gone back to cleaning myself, I understand her grief! I now have a cleaning SERVICE come every other week to clean JUST bathrooms and floors! (I won't let them dust my STUFF.) It is also much cheaper this way.

I kid you not, I once had a client who came to therapy for her "trauma"... her cleaning lady quit! At the time, I thought, "Oh PLEASE, there are people with REAL problems", but since I have been cleaning my own house, I can feel the pain. Now I have a cleaning service that comes every other week and just does my floors and bathrooms. I won't let them dust my stuff!
It is much cheaper this way!

We have a witch for a cleaning lady. she even yells at me. Still it is worth it.

A cleaning lady is a service I really crave. Christine would ahve somehting to do in our house! LOL


I was beginning to think that my cleaning lady dumped me as well. Like Sandra's she won't answer her phone nor return my calls.

Then one day she called and said she was coming and for me to leave the check on the coffee table. I, of course, said "Of course"... who I am to question when it is convenient for my cleaning lady. She can come whenever she wants... sometimes it is only once every two months. I just say, "whenever"... better have help once in a while than none at all, I rationalize...


Isn't it amazing, the power that cleaning ladies have over us.....talk about dysfunctional relationships. There's probably a book in this!

This is really funny! (Sorry, Sandra...) It never is nice to be dumped, though... And Eden, it cracks me up that your cleaning lady comes whenever she wants!

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