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Am I ever craving some of these right now.....


The Slow Travel Sunday Bakers, with their fabulous lemon cookie posts yesterday, have started me off on a serious cookie craving. Their Lemon Semolina Cookies (biscotti di limone e semolino) look so fantastic that I have resolved to try that recipe as soon as possible.

But their images also made me terribly hungry for my favourite Italian cookies, the Macine biscotti produced by Mulino Bianco.

These are a simple little cookie, something a bit like a shortbread only slightly less rich. But I won't hold that against them. These cookies are still fantastico. And they are often served at breakfast. To my mind, THAT is the mark of a civilized country, to recognize that cookies are really one of the four main food groups and have an important place in a nutritious breakfast (along with espresso, yogurt and prosciutto.)

Anyway, I searched everywhere in Ottawa to find this brand and at my last hope, the excellent Italian supermercato Nicastro's, the manager told me that the Mulino Bianco company does not export; its products cannot be bought outside of Italy. This may or may not be true. But I've decided that maybe it's for the best. If I could eat these cookies whenever I wanted, they'd soon become ordinary. And I'd become much fatter.

So like good gelato, limoncello and pecorino, I'll have to save the Macine as a particular treat to be savoured in Italy.

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I love the Mulino Bianco cookies! When we're in Italy I get a bag as one of my treats. I can get them here too but it's like oreos, I just don't know when to stop.

I believe you can buy them in North America but they won't taste the same. Just like you said, it's better to enjoy them in Italy as part of your breakfast.

I also have a favorite Mulino Bianco cookie: abbracci. It's a round cookie half chocolate half vanilla. Two favorite flavors together. Yummy.


Maria, I have seen the abbracci cookies as well but haven't tried them. Yet. They're going on my Italy to-do list right now!

Kim, if you and Maria both have seen this brand, I guess they are available in North America. I tempted now to do a cross-border run, but I'll try to restrain myself until September (although maybe I'll bring a bag back)

I'm not sure if I have had these cookies, although if they are served for breakfast, I have probably tasted them at some point. Isn't frustrating when you can't find something you love? At least you will be back in the fall :)


I can pick them up in our Italian deli - if you want a care package, just let me know. :D


Thanks, Kim! That's very kind -- and very tempting....when my resolve to limit my cookie intake cracks, I'll be begging for that care package!

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