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It has been one of those days......


Actually, that's not funny. But I have been struggling for some time to figure out just how to post photos (I know, a child could do this. Yet, still I struggle.)

If this photo actually appears, it is of the Laocoon Group, and I took the photo in January at the Vatican Museums in Rome, when I had the Museums almost to myself. I find it really beautiful and moving.

The statue of Laocoon and his sons, is a monumental marble sculpture that is attributed by the Roman author Pliny the Elder to three sculptors from the island of Rhodes: Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus. It shows the Trojan priest Laocoon and his sons Antiphantes and Thymbraeus being strangled by sea serpents.

Laocoon was killed after he attempted to expose the Greek's ruse of the Trojan Horse, by striking it with a spear. The snakes were apparently sent either by Apollo or Poseidon as punishment, and were interpreted by the Trojans as proof that the horse was a sacred object. They were clearly very wrong.

Various dates have been suggested for the statue, ranging from about 160 BC to about 20 BC.
It's believed that the statue was probably commissioned for the home of a wealthy Roman, and it was unearthed in 1506 near the site of the Golden House of the Emperor Nero (who reigned from 54 to 68 AD), and it is possible that the statue belonged to Nero himself.

It was acquired by Pope Julius II soon after its discovery and was placed in the Belvedere Garden at the Vatican, which is now part of the museums.

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Way to go, Sandra! The photo looks great. I hope this post does because I think I had too much wine /chardonnay with dinner... Warning: PWSI (Posted while somewhat inibriated (Sp?) :)

What a wonderful surprise!!! I don't remember seeing this statue during my one visit to the Vatican Museums. What an interesting story and a great photo!!


Sandra, thanks so much. I love the Laocoon group, so powerful. Ah, Rome...wish I was there!!


Drat! I cropped off one of Laocoon's sons. Clearly, I still have sizing issues to work on. How embarassing.....

Great picture. This is one of my favourite statues - I love the movement in it.

YEAH! You did it! Now we can see photos from your travels...and new dishes!


Thanks, everyone!

Eden, I think I write best AFTER a few drinks. (Maybe I should try that when posting photos, too!)

Girasoli, this was the first time I was able to find the Laocoon -- I think when the museum has been more crowded, I have rushed off the opposite direction towards the Raphael Rooms.

Jerry, it IS really powerful; you can feel the movement as the priest fights for his life.

Anne, I wish I was in Rome right now, too!

Palma, now I've just got to start taking better photos!

Great job with photo posting! It's not that easy and I'm still struggling with sizes and pixels and stuff, so you did a wonderful job with this one. It's an amazing work of art and so hard to believe that it's as old as it is.

Great picture!


Annie and Leslie, thank you both for your kind words. Particularly since you both post such beautiful photos on your blogs!

Since I only bought my first digital camera before the January trip to Rome, I'm still learning all kinds of things. But I love the instant gratification of seeing your photos right away!

Wonderful photo and interesting story! Congratulations on learning how to post pictures. Now we can expect to see pictures of Perugia, Deruta and your new dishes.


Okay - the width of photo is 648, I find photos 450 or less work best on the blogs, otherwise you risk getting them cut. Do you know how to use the photo software on your computer to resize?


Thanks, Maria!

Thanks, Kim, for the tip. I don't have photoshop or any special programs like that. ButI'm figuring out how to resize and just have to remember to keep them under450. Clearly, I have to practice!

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