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When in Umbria.......

I've been inspired by Palmabella's list of some of the things she intends to do when she visits Rome later this month. ("When in Rome...." at http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/palma/)

It's a fabulous list of wonderful things that Palma has in mind -- written, actually, with the conviction of resolutions. And I long to do any one of them (including hanging out with her husband Brad, drinking wine at Cul du Sac, which is such a great wine bar)

While I can't do any of the things on Palma's list right now (especially hanging out with Brad!) I can still dream. My next trip to Italy isn't coming up quite as fast as Palma and Brad's trip, but it's coming.......eventually.

So, here is MY list of things I intend to do when I return to Umbria in September.

1. I WILL eat FRESH pecorino cheese every single day. With local honey as often as possible.
2. I WILL eat gelato at Perugia's Antica Gelateria Veneta, which is near the top of the wonderful Corso Vannucci. Last year, I had gelato exactly once during my week in Perugia. Clearly, I wasted too much time counting calories from my pecorino intake.

3. I WILL restrict myself to counting calories and worrying about weight gain only ONCE per day, during a five-minute window each morning. Then, I will cut myself off from worry over my weight for the rest of the day.
4. I WILL eat a pastry at the lovely Sandri's, an elegant and famous bar in Perugia with amazing pastries and good coffee. Besides a wonderful, large outdoor bar smack in the centre of the Corso Vannucci, Sandri's has fantastic window displays of their artisan work. Last year, I sat and drank cappuccinos while envying others their pastries. This year, I will eat something gorgeous as well as swill coffee!
5. I WILL spend a full day in San Francesco in Assisi, so I can really closely look at the amazing art -- particularly the frescos -- all through this amazing basilica.
6. I WILL make the most of my 3-day car rental and drive from my Bevagna base to: Montefalco, Spello and the Piano Grande.
7. I WILL, in Montefalco, see the Benozzo Gozzoli frescos of the Life of Saint Francis.
8. I WILL, in Spello, see the Pintoricchio frescos in the Baglioni chapel.
9. I WILL be careful with the rental car and not fill a diesel engine with regular gasoline, or vice-versa.
10. I WILL buy ceramics. Too often, I cheap out and am filled with regret once I return home over opportunities missed. I have loved every item I have ever bought in Italy, since each one reminds me of a wonderful time and place.
11. I WILL make a thoughtful list of what ceramics I wish to buy BEFORE I leave home, so I'm not floundering in stores and then have an excuse to flee. Perhaps 8 dinner plates and a large serving dish/platter.
12. I WILL take more photos of all kinds, which will be much easier now that I have a proper camera.
13.. I WILL visit all the churches I missed in Assisi last year, because of the Pope. Not that I'm blaming him (bygones!)
14. I WILL take another cooking class with Letizia (who promises this one will focus on her family recipe for lasagna.
15. I WILL get up early enough to see the sunrise at least ONCE.
16. I WILL buy fresh flowers for my hotel room -- especially in Perugia where I will have an entire week.

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Great list! I hope that on some future trip, you can hang out and drink wine with Palma AND Brad!


Great list - I could happily do any of those things! Glad to hear you have a good camera now...since I have no trips planned myself, at least I can drool over your photos!


Man, it all sounds good to me.

What an exciting and inspiring list! Doesn't it make you want to get on the plane right now?

This is a great list. I've never been to Umbria and now I want to go even more. Don't worry - Sept will be here soon.


I read your blog pretty regularly, and look forward to the time when we actually CAN all sit and have a glass of wine together! I hope that happens sooner than later... and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your trip. Buon Viaggio... Brad


Yes, the fresh flowers... While I can't walk past flowers here in Australia without stopping to have a look, in Itlay, I find them mesmerizing.

Maybe it's because they are ITALIAN flowers! :)


Palma and Brad, we WILL have drinks together somewhere exotic -- and I'll buy the first round!

Annie, if I could I'd be on a plane tomorrow!

Anne, I hope you're able to get back to Italy soon, but in the meantime, I'll do my best with the photos. However, I know that I can't beat your photo of Assisi on your blog.

Marta, if you get a chance to visit Umbria, it's well worth the effort.

Kim -- it IS all good, isn't it. Almost everything somehow seems better in Italy. Even flowers.

I love that list. I can't wait to see your photos and hear about the new ceramic pieces you purchase.

I would love to do some of the things on your list with you. It sounds like a great trip!! Hopefully our vacations will overlap again sometime soon.

What an amazing list. I can't believe that we have never been to that part of Italy. One of these days . . . one of these days.

From the percorino and honey to the fresh flowers, you have created a great list! I must do one for my next trip which I hope will be before the end of the year.

I spent a week in Perugia six years ago and loved it. Assisi is just magical.


Girasoli, wouldn't it be great if our plans overlapped again? We seem to go to so many of the same places, just a different times. Maybe next year we should make a plan!

Maria, there is something magical to Assisi, especially at night when the crowds disappear. I hope you get a chance to return.

Jerry, you should look into Umbria next year. Great food, great wine, great scenery.....but I guess that's true of pretty much all of Italy!

Great list! Can't wait to follow your trip! Bologna and Umbria are both close to my heart.


This list made me put Umbria further up my list of places to return to! I had the barest taste of Perugia, and would love to spend more time there.


Chiocciola, I remember that you lived in Bologna for a time....have you also lived in Umbria?

Amy, Perugia is very cool, to me it really has a mysterious, medieval air to it (and great wine and eats, of course!)

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