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Agata e la tempesta


Fans of quirky, warm and funny Italian films will very likely enjoy this offering, Agata and the Storm. It takes a bit of effort to follow, because the film uses many of the devices that I have come to expect and love in European films -- slightly kooky characters with wild wardrobes; bizarre coincidences that can be a bit hard to believe; freakish plot twists; and a fair amount of ambiguity.

So, all in all I loved this film! Set in Genoa and the Po Valley, there is a bit of interesting scenery for those of us who like to see some of Italy in our Italian films. Very warm and loveable characters, even the rogue Romeo who can't resist one-night stands even though he deeply loves his wife who is confined to a wheelchair and helps to care for her mother-in-law and MIL's pet chicken. (Said chicken is later adopted by the older woman's long-lost son Gustavo, a troubled architect and brother of Agata. The chicken signals Gustavo's acceptance into his new family, by laying an egg in his lap.) This will all make more sense when you see the film!

The glue that binds together most of the various story lines is Agata, a warm and lovely middle-aged woman who doesn't seem terribly bothered by conventions. Fans of the Italian film Pane e tulipani (Bread and Tulips) released in 2000 will recognize the luminous Licia Maglietta, who was cast by director Silvio Soldini as leading lady in both of these lovely films.

A bookstore owner, Agata finds that w hen she is overcome by strong emotions, she has the power to blow out light bulbs, fry small appliances (her toaster , her hairdryer, and even her computer!) So her sizzling love affair with a married younger man, her brother's mid -life crisis which stems from his discoveries about his birth family, and even her friends' troubles all contribute to the electrical storms which Agata summons.

The film is sometimes dramatic, often funny, always warm and almost believable, it's definitely worth a watch!

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At first I thought that was you on the right! The photo also reminded me of my college days when we would all sit out in the back yard of this big house we rented in the spring.

I have not heard of this film before but am now very interested and will have to get a hold of a copy to watch. I loved Pane e Tulipane. Thanks for the review!

It sounds wonderful! I love films like that, and I really loved Bread and Tulips. I'm going to put this one in my netflix queue. Thanks for the recommendation!

This sounds like a fun film. Did you see it on DVD or at the theatre?


Girasoli, that does look like fun, doesn't it -- hanging in the back yard, soaking your feet. It's a great film, I think even better than Bread and Tulips (which I really loved)

Annie, I hope you can get it from Netflix.

Jerry, I rented it through Zip.ca. If you've got a good video store with foreign films, you can probably find it!

I saw this movie about a year ago and loved it! Highly recommended!

Netflix had it so it's in my queue now! I'll let you know after I watch it. I'm excited - I'm picky about movies and don't really watch that many, but this one sounds right up my alley.


Thanks Sandra, this sounds like my kind of flick. I haven't seen Bread and Tulips either, so now I have two recommendations to try...if I can find either one of them in Halifax, that is!


Maria, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Agata as well. Did you see Bread and Tulips?

Annie -- Please let me know what you think of the movie, once you get it from Netflix!

And Anne, I hope you can find one or both in Halifax. I suspect it's a pretty good film town!

Yes, I 've seen Bread and Tulips twice and enjoyed it both times. Did you notice that the actor who played Romeo was also in Pane e Tulipani? Giuseppe Battiston was the detective in that film.


Wow! Maria, I didn't notice that about Romeo when I was watching Agata, but now that you point it out, it makes perfect sense. He was a bit of a bumbler in both films!

Hi Sandra,

I just joined Netflix (finally)! Agata e la tempesta is a movie you can watch right on your computer now. It was my first Netflix movie while I wait for my first 2 movies to arrive.

I really enjoyed this movie. The old lady with her comment to the guy on the bike was hilarious.

Not sure if you noticed but Gustavo's wife was the woman that lived next door and was a massage therapist in Pane e tulipani. Interesting that three of the main characters were also in this film.

Thanks again for the write up and recommending it. I might have to watch it a few more times right before I head off to Italy to work on my Italian.

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