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Which to choose?

I realize that I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. After all, it's still another 12 weeks before my trip. But anyway, I know that I would very much like to buy some good ceramics during my visit to Umbria this fall, and I am getting some great ideas from Slow Travel. This week, Palma described on her blog a quick trip she recently made to Ceramiche Rampini in Florence and included a lovely photo of a display there of ceramic dishes.

Which has got me thinking......what patterns would I like to begin to collect? It would be good to have some ideas of what I want before I go, so that I won't be totally overwhelmed by all of the choices. Which sometimes happens to me in shops, especially when I'm not familiar with the product (such as ceramics, where there are so many beautiful pieces at some pretty steep prices!)

I'm not sure where I'll ultimately make my purchases, but I am spending the final few days of my trip in Florence and that might not be a bad place to buy some ceramics, especially if I plan to carry some home with me on the plane!

So here a few patterns that have caught my eye from the Ceramiche Rampini website. Any opinions????

1. Limone: Described by Ceramiche as: "boldly coloured lemons contrasted on a deep blue background" to remind us of the warm sun and blue seas of Italy. Very, very nice.

2. Macedonia Blu, "the delicious fruits of fruit salad on a blue background." Quite yummy. But maybe more suitable as an accent piece? Why do I keep thinking of a larger fruit bowl???

3.Queen Lemons. Apparently, this design was created for Holland's queen when she was visiting Chianti. I quite like it (hmmmmm, there is a definite lemon theme emerging in my early choices!)

4. Tizi Autumn. Ceramiche says this pattern was named for the artist. It's bold green, gold, and grown colours are "typical of the vineyards and woodlands" of Tuscany in the fall. Hmmmmmmm. They look more yellow and blue to me -- but perhaps I'm seeing what I want to see!

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Number 3 gets my vote!

OK, I honestly have to say... I like the lot. :)

I love number 2 but as you said it might be a little too busy. Number 3 is also quite nice. Heck they all are, but I would probably go with number 3.


Oh, the choices you will have to make....all beautiful.

I love that first one - Limone.

IMHO, it has a "clean" pattern that makes the artwork standout without overpowering one's food creation... thats once it is used to hold one's kitchen creation. (In my case, once the carryout food is taken out of the box.)

Mindy Smith:


good luck to you friend! I would be in the same boat as you, trying to decide and being totally confused. I'd end up resorting to my "can't make a decision" method. Using the letters of my name to decide. MINDYSMITH and which ever pattern the "H" lands on, THAT'S THE ONE! Not the greatest method, I know, but it works for me.
what fun you'll have, regardless.

All the best,


I know Leslie -- those were some of my favourites! I'm definitely going to have to do some mixing and matching! Over an extended period, of course, given the prices.

Eden, I really love the lemon pattern, too. It's definitely got to stay on the list (although in my case, its beauty will be hidden under cereal.)

Chiocciola and Girasoli, I'm really leaning towards #3 as well, it's so pretty and warm (and the least expensive!)

Although Mindy, your method would sugggest #4 is the right one; maybe I need a mix of 3 and 4....but then I'd hate to miss out on #1 and #2.....

My vote is for # 2! You could match it wit so many other pieces (I imagine that you ar enot going to buy a full service for 8 at once! LOL)

I like them all but my absolute favorite, maybe because I like bold colors, is #1. I agree that the Macedonia blu would make a great fruit bowl. I like #3 (it looks very Italian) but the plate seems smaller than the others. The last one is my second favorite.

Tough wonderful choices you have to make. :-)


Once you see them all in person you'll probably know which to buy. For the record, though, I like #1 and #3!


I appreciate all this advice! Jerry, you are so right -- 8 place settings are not in the cards this time; I'll have to make many trips, I would think, to complete my collection!

Maria, I love the yellow and blue -- they make me think of Italy. And yes, it's a wonderful problem to ponder.

You're right Vicky, I'll really have to see them to make my decisions.


They're all beautiful, but #1 is my favourite.


On it's own, my favourite is #1. But as a combo, I like #3, with a few accompanying pieces in #2.

Happy dilemma indeed! I saw Palma's entry too. Any more posts about ceramics and I'll be needing new cupboards for all the goodies I can't resist!

I'm with Jerry. #2 is gorgeous. And it won't look so busy when it has food on it!

You are smart to do some pre-trip planning about this. I tend to get overwhelmed about choices in shops too.


Sinead, Anne and Annie -- thanks for your input. This is going to be very hard, each one really has its merits! But it seems we're all agreed on blue and yellow (especially yellow!)

Annie, I'll really need to make a list or I'll become overwhelmed and return empty-handed.

Better take an extra suitcase, Anne -- Palma's a bad influence on us both.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, is it too late to vote? They are all very beautiful. Of the four, my favorite is # 1 . . . I also agree that seeing the patterns in person will help you with your decision.

Have fun shopping!


Thanks, Kathy! Number 1 is pretty lovely....maybe I'll have to get one of each pattern and really mix 'em up!

Ok, I'm late to the party, but Number 3, all of you with great taste, is my pattern! It is even brighter in person, you can see on my blog. All are wonderful in person, and there are more patterns not on the website. You can also have them make a pattern, but change the color of the ring around the edge, or add more yellow, or blue or whatever!

You will have so much fun, and the woman is very helpful! I can't wait to see what you choose! (It is absolutely fine with me if you choose the same pattern I have or if you find another you love more! You can always add, and they won't discontinue a pattern!


Oh, I love #1, simple, but really striking. I'll have to break a few dishes tonight, so I have an excuse to replace them. Oh, but then I'll have to go to Italy. Bummer!


I am very, very late to this post but like Palma, I am a total Rampini ceramics fanatic. Their store in Florence is beyond gorgeous, making it so hard to choose. I own many different pieces in various patterns but my favorite and most numerous is #4 Tizi autumn. Perhaps because the colors blend in well with many of my other pieces. Do you have their catalougue? It is worth the price because it is a piece of art itself! I also have a few pieces of Tizi Spring, Girasoli (so beautiful!)Becky, Virgilio Ventagli and Anna lemons. They have a seconds or sale section that makes it easy to buy a mug or desert plate that you can carry home with you. Have fun and make sure you post pictures of your purchases!


Colleen, thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to check into getting Rampini's catalogue so I can get some more ideas (and begin to budget) before my trip!

Lucky you, to have so many different patterns of ceramics. I imagine everything mixes and matches, really, because they're of the same origin!

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