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I love my countdown clock!

I want to say a very, very big Thank You to Girasoli, who set up my lovely new trip countdown meter (on the right.) Now that I'm down to just over a month until my September trip to Italy, it's exciting to watch the days (very) slowly count down.

The countdown meter's photo of Perugia, where I'll be staying for a week, is one of Girasoli's own shots from her 2005 visit to Umbria. Her photos from towns including Spello, Trevi, Gubbio and Perugia are fantastic (as always!) and I highly recommend a visit to her site: Shave Ice and Gelato (http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/girasoli/) for a look at her photos, old and new.

Thanks again so much, Girasoli, for my countdown meter. As it shows, I'll begin my holidays in September. I'll be flying into Florence, taking the train straight down to Assisi for a few days there and a few days in Bevagna, before heading to Perugia and finally, wrapping up this trip with a few days in Florence.

Friends are plannning a major renovation in their home while I'm on vacation and so they'll stay in my house while I'm away (and for a few days after I return) so I'll have house-sitters and they'll have a safe haven. The timing of this trip couldn't be better!

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I was very happy to do it. It looks great on your blog and the best part is that you only have 48 more days!! That is great that you have found house-sitters and that they will have a safe haven.

Thank you for your kind words about my blog and photos. It is still a work in progress.

The count down clocks are a great tool - I find that mine caused me to get more excited than normal as the days, hours, and seconds, clicked closer to 0!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, that is an awesome countdown clock! Girasoli is so talented. Your trip sounds wonderful! 48 Days and counting . . . Whoo hoo!


Thanks everyone! I am getting more excited, now that I see the numbers ticking down. It's also reminding me to get more organized about re-confirming reservations and that sort of thing. There are always enough truly last-minute things to do, that as many arrangements that I can get out of the way now, the better!


I LOVE that countdown clock! Rats, I should have gotten girasoli's help and had something more interesting on mine. Oh well, it's no less thrilling for me to watch the days count down on a black screen! Except that I still might have to change the title because I keep flip-flopping on location. In fact I'm still considering going to France instead of Italy. Eek, at this rate, my destination will be "TBA" right up until my plane takes off!


Wow, Anne, I didn't realize that you've been thinking about a different destination from Florence! But I think I know how you must feel -- every time I get a trip planned, I begin to think about all the other options....sometimes I think I change my mind just for the fun of planning another trip!

47 days! That is SO very soon. How exciting! Assisi is on my "want to revisit and spend more time" list, so I can't wait to read about your time there. Glad you have house sitters too!

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