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Some things I'd like to be able to smell......


So, I've survived the dread sinus surgery and am now dreaming of things that I hope I'll be able to smell sometime soon, once the bleeding stops and the swelling goes down (what delightful images!)

The surgery actually went well although the surgeon told me later that it turned to be a bit more involved than she had first expected. Fortunately, I was utterly unconscious throughout, thanks to the general anaesthetic she used. Unfortunately, the surgeon, for some inexplicable reason, needed to insert numerous scopes and laser cutting tools far, far, far up my nose BEFORE they put me under. That bit hurt.

But I haven't felt any pain since (thank God, I have a very high pain threshold. My appendix ruptured several years ago and I didn't quite figure out what had happened until it blew and the pain suddenly stopped. I didn't think the pain had been all that bad, so only after it stopped hurting did I realize that something very serious must have happened. Which made for a long recovery.)

Now at home, post-sinus-surgery, I'm feeling remarkably weak and woozy. That, I suppose, is the result of the general anaesthetic, which does seem to knock the wind out of me. I did some housecleaning today and read the New York Times and now, I just want to lay on the couch (with a towel on the cushion where I'll rest my nose) and watch frivolous movies.

But soon, I hope, very soon, I'll regain my sense of smell. Then, I'll run through the house, ripping open every package of SMN cream I've purchased, every soap, and finally, my 25-year-old bottle of balsamic vinegar -- just for the sheer joy of smelling and tasting. Being able to breath will also be a bonus!

Thanks again so much to everyone for your kind wishes.

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I'm glad it's over, glad you're home, and hope you have a nice time resting and relaxing on the sofa (when I had my wisdom tooth out a couple of years ago, the combination of couch and movies was definitely crucial to the healing process). Take care!

Sandra - my fingers are crossed for a full recovery and a full sense of smell afterwards!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, glad to hear that the surgery went well and that you're now recovering nicely. I love the photos you posted of things for you to smell again. I have a feeling they are just the beginning! :)

How wise of you to have this done before your trip to Italy! I think your nose will be overcome with sheer joy from all the things it's been missing out on.

Thanks for checking in and all the best for your speedy recovery!


Annie, you're right -- it's important to take it easy after any surgery (which I think we sometimes forget -- I know I think of my body as some sort of machine that should return to normal immediately after repairs!)

Thanks Jerry for your kindness -- I really have high hopes for better breathing (and smelling!)

And Kathy, you're so right about the timing. Two months until my trip, so I'll have time to heal and the swelling should be down by then. I can't wait!

Brad'll Do It:

Thought about you on Friday while we were in Las Vegas for the weekend, and a couple of times after that, wondering how to hear how the surgery went. Now we know that it went well except for the construction-site level of tooling that went into your ol' factory (couldn't resist). PLEASE take it easy and follow the doctor's orders. When does your doctor think your sniffer will begin to register, aromatically-speaking?


Hi Sandra,

Been thinking about you and checking your blog to see how the surgery went and how well you are faring. Glad to hear all went well.

And what were you thinking cleaning house three days after surgery? Take care of yourself. Call that housekeeper (the one who thinks she is the boss and has the upperhand, if I remember correctly). LOL

Happy smelling! :)


Brad, thanks for the pun -- you forced me to snort blood (just a little!) Alas, the surgeon has made no promises about me regaining my sense of smell. But I live in hope! And I am taking things easy, thanks. I want to be fully healed before I fly to Italy!

Eden, I couldn't resist a little laundry and vacuuming, I thought I needed a bit of cardio. As for my former cleaning lady, since she dumped me, she is dead to me now!


Sandra, I hope you have a speedy and full recovery!

This all made me wonder, though--did your lack of sense of smell get in the way of your sense of taste??

Just think... the discomfort is worth it for upcoming Italy food alone. Take it easy, and think Italian cheese and coffee!


Thanks, Vicky, I'm really starting to feel more like myself again. Which means I can't yet smell, but I can hope!

You're absolutely right about the effect this has had on my sense of taste. It's really dulled when you can't smell. So, when I have had little openings where I can smell, I'm actually shocked by the reminder of how things really taste (and how bad diet yogurt really is!)

Thanks, Palma -- I'm dreaming of so many great Italian dishes (to say nothing of coffee, flowers, and anything related to lemons!)


Glad everything went well. Hope the recovery is fast, and you'll be sniffing very soon.

(I also do the "don't realise that this pain means business" thing--that's why I nearly had a home birth last time! LOL

Wow, I guess I missed a lot while I was away. So sorry to hear that you had to have surgery. I can just imagine the pain. I hope you are on your way to smelling roses soon and you are not in too much pain anymore.


Wow, Amy, you must have a really high pain threshold!

Welcome home, Girasoli! It's nice to hear from you. I'm actually feeling quite well, still very congested but soon, soon (I hope!) I'll be smelling the roses and the cafe, and the fromage......

I had this surgery YEARS ago and did regain my sense of smell and certainly acquired better breathing-two things which so greatly add to the quality of life. I wish you the same!


Thanks for the encouragement, Mary! My nose is still quite swollen, so I'm still not feeling the benefits of the surgery, but you're giving me hope!


I got behind with my blog reading so am only now reading this. I hope the swelling is subsiding by now?

Hmm, I seem to smell the kitten's litter box (apparently her owner needs a reminder to change it.) There are times when lacking a sense of smell would not be such a bad thing. Of course I can just pop outside, breath in the summer night air and all will be well...my prayers that soon you can enjoy the same! (smelling summer night air, that is, not dirty cat box odours...)

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