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Finally, frescos


While cooking with Letizia was a highlight of my days in Assisi, I did also have time to spend in the Duomo and in the Basilica of San Francesco. Finally, I could enjoy some frescos and they were fantastic.

There really is so much to see in Assisi, if you love art. It was such a change this year to experience Assisi without the large crowds that hit town last year when I visited, at the same time as the Pope. This year, it wasn't hard to get tables in restaurants I also had time to peer through the glass at the Oratorio dei Pellegrini and admire the delightful, 15th frescos of some adorable camels being received by St. Anthony Abbot. According to legend, the camels had journeyed to bring provisions to the monks. (I was really delighted to see the camels reappear in frescos in Montefalco, but more on that later.)

I finally also have photos, which I'll be able to post after this trip!

This year, I didn't feel squashed or rushed studying the Giotto frescos in the Basilica. It was interesting to compare Giotto's fresco cycle describing the life of St. Francis of Assisi, which I saw on Tuesday, with Benozzo Gozzoli's frescos in Montefalco, also depicting the life of St. Francis. I saw those two days later so it was possible to compare them. Very, very different styles, I found, both very beautiful.

One of the many enjoyable aspects of belonging to Slow Travel is meeting other Slow Travellers and I met a relatively new member while I was in Assisi. Connie, who posts as AlaskaItaly, lives in Assisi and invited me for a coffee and chat on Tuesday. Connie is very outgoing, lively and an informed observer of the town, so it was a real treat to sit in the sun and talk for a couple of hours.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, Assisi sounds wonderful. That is a very beautiful fresco. I'm so glad to hear that you're having a much better time without the crowds.

Thanks so much for posting and sharing your experiences.

How cool to meet another Slowtraver. Did you run into her while there or did you plan to meet while planning your trip? I am happy to hear you experienced a more low key visit this year. Your posts are making me want to return to Assisi again.

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