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How will I get these on the train?


Okay, I don't have this much luggage. And, alas, I don't own this beautiful set of Globe-Trotter luggage either. I wish I did -- the cases look fabulous. This British company has been producing hand-made luxury cases since 1897. Queen Elizabeth chose Globe-Trotter for her honeymoon luggage, how is that for an endorsement?

Sadly, Globe-Trotter is far out of my league. If I could afford such great luggage, I wouldn't need to worry about overpacking and how I'll schlep my suitcases on and off Italian trains this weekend (and in the weeks to follow!)

Now to my point: what to pack, what to leave behind, and how to keep my suitcase under the airline limit of 23 kg (about 50 pounds.)

Packing is never easy and I have such a powerful urge to overpack. I leave Saturday and amidst all the usual chores (cleaning up so my friends/house-sitters won't arrive to find a mess; pay bills, etc.) I'm also watching weather forecasts for Umbria for the coming week.

Looks like typical, mild fall weather for the region: a bit cooler at nights but mostly sunny, warm days with average temperatures of about 23C (what is that in Farenheit, maybe 73C?) Perfect!

Still, I'll carry a raincoat on the plane, and pack one pair of closed-toed flats and socks in case it does get chilly and really wet; I'll pack one extra pair of sandals as well as the pair I'll wear on the plane (in the hopes that it will be sandal weather the entire time I'm in Italy)

I don't think 3 pairs of footwear is too much -- I wish I could take more, especially since I can't buy shoes in Italy (no one carries my size, which is 12. I'm quite tall, so my long feet keep me from tipping over.)

I don't like wearing pants, so I'll pack just one pair (again, in case it turns cold and damp) as well as several summer-y skirts, cotton and linen which I like to wear. And, obviously, my travel iron because I don't like to be too wrinkled. I don't mind ironing, it relaxes me.

I'll also pack:
-- one lightweight blazer/jacket by Anne Klein which, for some reason, never really wrinkles. It's cream coloured and goes with everything;
-- one very lightweight red cardigan-style sweater and one black to wear over T-shirts if it's a bit chilly;
-- several T-shirts, mostly black, some short-sleeved, some long;
-- a couple of black blouses, one long-sleeved;
-- two pashminas (light to pack but can be really warm!)
-- one pair of yoga pants and an old t-shirt to wear around the hotel room when I'm just relaxing; (I'm not the sort of traveler who thinks she has to go, go, go. I like to put my feet up now and again.)
-- a couple of novels;
-- my Eyewitness guide for Umbria. The Blue Guide is my prefered guidebook, so I'll keep that with me in my carryon.
-- photocopied guidebook pages for Arezzo and Florence (rather than carry an entire Tuscany guide for the few days I'll be in that region)
-- a small umbrella, not enough underwear, too many toiletries.

The carryon will be crammed with camera, cellphone, medication, cosmetics, one change of underwear, chargers for the I-pod and my new Italian cellphone; plug adaptors; my itinerary and copies of hotel and car reservations; a few granola bars; a novel and the travel guide. I also copy train schedules for the towns I'll be visiting (how is that for anal?)

Sound like too much?

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I only take one pashmina and have started, as of the last trip, taking my laptop to watch DVDs on, in the evening, and to process my photos as I go.

P.S. We only get 20 kilos over here.
And I just bought this lightweight bag:


with vouchers I had from my birthday and Christmas.


Excellent, I'll just copy YOUR list and save myself the trouble of making one myself! My luggage is from Canadian Tire...just a tad lower class than these pieces... lol

3 days!!! You must be getting so excited - I'm still three weeks away from my date and am already starting to feel all tingley!

Too much? Not at all. I'd be brining a lot more! *smile*

Doesn't that counter look wonderful as it gets closer and closer.


That luggage does look nice, but think about it getting banged around at the airports. We have 2 ... 26" Samsonite suitcases which we bought at Sears for 65% off.
We'll take a medium size empty duffle bag inside one of the suitcases for the return trip.
Have a great trip. Sounds like you are well prepared.

Great job. I don't think it is too much. I usually take 3 pairs of shoes (including the one I'm wearing on the plane). I always wear jeans so I have to deal with the extra weight. If you are curious, here is what I took last year for four weeks in France in September.


Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, that looks like a pretty good list. Seems like you covered everything. Layering, great colors to mix and match . . . Great job!

BTW, I also print train schedules too. :)

3 days to Italy . . .

You suckered me for a minute with the luggage picture. My thoughts...what in the world is she thinking! :)


Leslie, you're putting dangerous ideas in my head! I'm really torn about taking a laptop -- I'd love to do so, I loved having my laptop in Rome in January. But I just hate to add the extra weight! Especially when I'll be moving around so much.

I love your new bag, that looks really lightweight -- I can't believe it also has wheels. Very cool.

Anne, it's great that you'll be in one place most of your trip -- I think that means you can pack more (as Jerry suggests!)

Jerry, it is so hard to pack light. And yes, the countdown clock makes me smile (it also makes me a bit nervous -- those last-minute anxieties!)

Chiaro, the Globe-Trotter cases would be highly impractical -- I guess that's why they'll remain a beautiful dream!

Marta, I liked your list, very lightweight and practical. I don't think I would dare trying to get by with fewer than 3 pairs of shoes. I've had shoes so badly soaked from flooding (in Venice) that it took days for them dry out. You have to have back-ups!

Thanks Kathy -- It seems we'd both prefer to be over-prepared than stranded in a train station.

Sorry Girasoli! I have trouble resisting the shock value of an inappropriate picture or headline.

That luggage is so beautiful but to me, it looks like the kind of luggage used by people who travel with someone to carry their bags for them!

Your list looks very well thought-out. I'm so excited for you! Have a wonderful time (I know you will).

Great list. I don't think it is too much. Sounds like you are well prepared for the unpredictable weather of Sept/Oct.

I also print train and bus schedules. I don't travel with a laptop and use these schedules to plan my daytrips.

Are you packed already or do you leave it to the night before, like me?

Sounds like a great list. And HAVE FUN! I have so enjoyed reading your posts leading up to the trip and I am so happy for you!


Annie, Chiocciola -- thanks very much. I'm sure it's going to be a great trip! (And Chiocciola, I hope you're feeling better.)

Maria, I've done some packing, mostly trying to get my toiletries like shampoo into little bottles. Like you, I don't pack clothing until the night before; for some bizarre reason, I think they'll get less wrinkled that way. (I know, it's ridiculous; they'll be crushed once my suitcase is crammed with a tonne of other luggage in the aircraft!)

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