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I've landed back in autumn....


Re-entry really isn't much fun (as Brad recently remarked on another blog entry!) I landed back in Montreal Monday evening and was greeted by autumn colours. Beautiful, but I'm definitely not ready for the end of summer. Tights and heels were not comfortable attire for my walk in to work this morning. But, they're now necessary. (Several loads of laundry is also necessary, alas.)

I'd really rather be back in Italy right now, even if the days were getting shorter and cooler. Perhaps I'm just in withdrawal today from good coffee and great gelato!

Now that I'm back, however, I can begin to download some photos and organize my thoughts a bit more coherently. (Once the unpacking and laundry is done.)

I do know that Umbria is so wonderful and I want to return; I now realize that renting a car in Italy really is a bit of an adventure yet not as difficult as I thought; and I also learned that one really does have to pay attention riding trains in Italy. I had gotten overconfident and became a little too comfortable leaving Arezzo last week after a day trip; got on the wrong train and was all the way down to Orvieto before I realized that I was headed further and further away from Perugia. That was a long day.

Speaking of Arezzo, I was really impressed with this town. Beautiful art, many wonderful churches, lovely streets and much more shopping than I realized. Oh, and at least one great restaurant that I discovered. My surprise at how lovely Arezzo is might be due to the fact that as usual, I haven't been paying attention to other travelers' reports. Still, I'm not sure that Arezzo has been given as much attention by travelers as it deserves.

So now, I'll return to unpacking some ceramics (and await the rest.) I'll also unpack a beautiful new tapestry from Perugia, a beautiful new purse (purple, of course) and a lot of lemon products. Hopefully, these will carry me over until the next visit to Italy.....

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Oh my - the "I'm back" feeling... I know that one!

Think I'll go make a cappuccino. :)

Welcome home! It seems to me that you just left, but time sure does seem to be flying these days.

I REALLY enjoyed your blog entries while you were there and can't wait to read (and see) more. Lemon products?! A purple purse!?
How cool.

Rest up, get on Canada time, do the laundry and then tell us more!

Sandra - welcome home *sigh*

I've enjoyed touring Umbria 'with' you!


Sandra - is it OVER already? I am another who has really enjoyed traveling through Umbria with you. Thanks for taking us along.

I'm so glad Mary was able to help you find what you wanted in Deruta - wish she had been with us the day we were there!

Welcome home!! Can't wait to read more about your trip and see some of your photos. It was fun traveling with you.


Hi Sandra,

I'm wondering how your purchases are looking in the context of your home. I usually find things "improve" once out of the store setting. I hope you'll send along a photo of your beautiful tapestry when you have it up. I so enjoyed spending some time with you and helping you with Deruta.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, welcome back! I'm really looking forward to seeing all the treasures you brought home and hearing about Arezzo and all of your experiences.

Thank you so much for blogging on the road. It was a lot of fun reading all about your experiences.


Leslie, I'd love a good cappuccino right now -- I think I need to buy a little Moka express!

Thanks, Annie -- I think I'll line up all my little purchases and take a photo. I always like to see pix of other people's treasures, so maybe I'll do the same.

Jerry, I hope you get to visit Umbria soon, it really is delightful (and the food is incredible.) Crowded Florence was actually a shock after Umbria!

Tourmama, I never would have ventured near Deruta on my own. I was amazed (and a bit horrified) to see street upon street of ceramics shops; without Mary's help, that would have turned me right off!


Thank Girasoli, I wish I could say that it's good to be home -- but then I'd by lying!

Mary, I'll definitely take a photo of my beautiful tapestry once it is mounted. Right now, it is draped across an easy chair so that I can admire it!

Thanks again so much for your help with that and the ceramics. (Of course, now I'm debating whether I should quickly email Antonio and ask him to add another two bowls to my order!)

Kathy, I did enjoy blogging from the road -- and I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip planning as well!

Bentornata, Sandrina! ;-) I'm eagerly waiting to read more about your trip and see your photos.

Brad'll Do It:

Welcome back, Sandra. Are you still in language lessons as your full-time job, or have you returned to your "day job"? How was it to switch to Italian for a couple of weeks?

I favor the idea of completing your "set" of 4 and 4. If you need my help, just let me know.


Thanks Maria! (And I love Sandrina -- so much more exotic than the plain, Canadian version.)

Brad, I'm back in the office and in the thick of the financial markets chaos. (Sigh) French training is on hold for now, but it's always interesting in Italy how often I can use French! Still, I'd prefer Italian.

BTW, Brad, when are you and Palma headed back to Italy? I know you just got home, but I'll bet you have another plan in the works!

Mary, thanks so much for the offer....I'm going to send you an email to get more advice!


Welcome home Sandra. I just caught up on your blog this evening, and I'm still wiping the tears (of laughter) from my eyes. Maybe I'll run and take that skirt out of my suitcase right now!

It sounds like you had a great trip.


Welcome Back, Sandra! Another one of your readers who enjoyed your blog and enjoyed Italy with you, never mind that I am doing it with a lot of imaginings... (having never set foot in that country yet) :) Did I say that correctly? (Being an English learner sure has its challenges!)


Oh Sandra, how hard to return from Italy. Too bad your trip hadn't lasted just another couple days so we could have met in Florence. (I'm currently in an "I'm so excited, I cannot possibly sleep" state about leaving tomorrow...er, make that today since it's past midnight!)


Welcome back Sandra. It sounds like you have a super lovely time with many great purchases, eats, etc. I can't wait for my upcoming trip - 5 weeks now and counting. How did you enjoy the Brunamonti?

Have an easy time getting back to the grinds of daily life OUT of Italy. It is hard, I know.......



Marg, your trip must be just days away -- I hope you enjoy Bologna (and wear your skirt, just be sure to do a fanny check before you leave the washroom!)

Eden, I know you've been doing "staycations" this summer but I hope you get to see Italy before too long. (And I think your English is fantastic!)

Anne, I wish we could have crossed paths in Florence. Have a wonderful time there and in Venice.

Dorit, the Brunamonti was fantastic. Such a beautiful palazzo and wonderful service. But parking, yikes! The little community parking lot at the back was small, but not as tightas the hotel's lot! I watched a couple trying to get in and out of the Hotel lot and it was so tight that I didn't even try -- I used the free lot outside the city walls!

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