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Would you believe.....light lasagne?

On my first full day in Assisi, I left town. I didn't go far, mind you -- just out to Letizia's agriturismo for another fabulous cooking class. Letizia is, of course, known to Slow Travellers by the name of her agriturismo, alla Madonna del Piatto.

This was my second class with Letizia, who not only gives wonderful advice and a wonderful cooking class, but even helped me set up my Italian cell phone. And gave me a jar of fabulous homemade fig jam to take home. I may now call her St. Letizia!

The class began in a very cool new shop in Assisi, Il Baccanale, where we tasted different types of olive oil, coffee and biscotti to learn more about how to tell great from good (and not so good) products.

But the real fun began at Letizia's agriturismo -- a kind of bed and breakfast on a working Italian farm -- where Letizia also holds cooking classes. And this one was great!

I joined two American couples who were staying with Letizia, and we went to work in her well-equipped kitchen learning to make several great, and not too difficult, appetizers. I think I can even do these at home -- stuffed roasted peppers, marinated zucchini carpaccio, olive tapenade for a fresh bruschetta. All lovely and not very difficult.

The dessert was also simple but soooo good: fluffy honeyed ricotta mousse, with marinated fresh figs (from Letizia's fig tree) on the side.

But the coolest, tastiest recipe was the main course, Letizia's family recipe for lasagne. This was unlike any lasagne I had ever tasted. We probably laid down about 8 layers but each was so light, with really just drizzles of meat sauce, bechamel sauce, parmesan cheese and ham as well as lasagne pasta sheets, that the result was almost delicate. And so delicious!

This may be the best meal I've had in a very long time.

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All of that sounds so good but esp. the ricotta mousse with marinated figs - lord. My stomach is growling just thinking about it. Did you get recipes?

Have fun and thanks for keeping us updated!

You make me want to go back to Assisi! Maybe next year. :)

YUM - I assume you mean light as in like air and not low-cal *smile* I think we'll be ready for another cooking adventure when we're in Italy next.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, sounds like Letizia has a wonderful class and that you really enjoyed it. And it's so great how the class starts at the very beginning with the shopping. Each item you described sounds delicious. And now I'm craving for lasagna. Thanks for this great entry! Keep on having fun!


Hey, Babe, glad to hear you got there in one piece and are having fun. You must promise to give me that lasagna recipe. This blogging thing is a hoot -- I'm following both your trip to Italy and our young 'un Shannon's two-month trip to Paris. Whoo-hoo! Maybe I'll blog about going to Wetaskiwin every other weekend.... Have fun, stay safe!

Everything sounds so yummy! I hope you got the recipes.


Recipes, recipes!!

Hi Sandra
I have been "away" from the fun things for a few days and I now find all those wonderful posts about Umbria!
Thank you so much for having been here, it was a really fun day. I will be looking forward to hear about you home cooking experiments!

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