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A lovely country lunch


I've begun downloading some photos from my stay last week in Umbria and discovered that apart from cooking class photos, I have just one restaurant food picture. But what food, and what a lovely restaurant!

This is an incredible dessert which Mary T., from Genius Loci, and I shared during a delightful lunch at the L'Antico forziere country house restaurant near Deruta.

We ordered their Gran Dessert which for a mere € 10 includes a gorgeous presentation of strawberry mousse, orange cream soufflé, lemon cream tart, vanilla mousse, pistachio and vanilla cream cake and delicious little decorations. I love the Italian attention to detail, which helped to make the platter too beautiful to devour (so we ate it in ladylike fashion.)


We started with a lovely glass of prosecco, courtesy of our server who also provided a tasty amuse-bouche and cute little pre-dessert dessert.

If I remember correctly (and having just taken a peek at their online menu to refresh my memory), Mary started with tropea onions mould perfumed with Chardonnay, served with aubergine, tomato and roast potatoes. I ordered roast potatoes and braised leek mould with “Colonnata” lard on taleggio cheese cream. I never dreamed that I would order lard in a restaurant, but this transparent strip of a tenderly aged pork product was fantastic.

For our main course, I think we both had a special spaghetti with basil pesto, potatoes and fresh tomato. It looked -- and tasted -- wonderful!

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My goodness - that's incredible!

That plate is incredible. I can't believe that was only 10 euro. It looks more like a little fairytale village than dessert!

And what a charming restaurant. I love those arches. Great photos!

Mindy :

"attention to detail", I'll say!! that dessert is sinful. Remaining ladylike whilst devouring it would have been very difficult for me. I admire your savoir-faire !
Looking forward to many more pictures!
(look at me, using words like "whilst" and "savoir-faire"). LOL


Leslie, it was incredible (and Mary let me eat the entire lemon souffle myself!)

Annie, that's such a great description -- it does look like something out of a fairy tale.

Mindy, isn't there something about Italy and its beauty that makes us want to use richer language!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, that is a beautiful presentation. They all look so delicious. Your meals sounds fabulous and from your photo the restaurant looks so cozy and elegant.

Thanks for this great post! I'm also looking forward to hearing more about your wonderful trip.

Oh my gosh! The Gran Dessert looks incredible! Did you & Mary finish it all? I think I would have rolled out of there after that lunch.

Yum! That's one gorgeous dessert! It does look like a fairy tale village at Christmastime.
Your lunch sounds delicious and how delightful to have shared such a special lunch with a lovely ST member.


Girasoli, we couldn't quite finish it -- everything was delicious, but pretty rich!

Maria, it was wonderful to spend some time with another Slow Traveler and I really enjoyed Mary's company!


you couldn't fin anything like that place in France. The Italians, that dessert looks to good to eat.

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