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Another look at Assisi.....


I really love Assisi, I find it so interesting and chockful of beautiful art. Not only in the famous Basilica di San Francesco, but in the streets, in the surrounding hillsides and in the "secondary" or less famous churches such as Assisi's Duomo, also known as San Rufino (one of its front door pictured above.)

And so, I thought I'd throw out a few more random photos from my visit to Assisi last month. The following two are reliefs from above the front doors into San Rufino. According to legend, this church is where St. Francis and St. Clare were baptized 800 years ago..



Assisi's streets can be remarkably steep and fantastically medieval!



Even the small decorations on homes can be very beautiful. I love these dragons!.


And the countryside is so lovely. This is a view of Letizia's terrace at her agriturismo, Alla Madonna del Piatto. The terrace not only boasts her beatuiful lavender, but also looks across the valley to Assisi's stunning Basilica di San Francesco.


And finally, Letizia's gorgeous dog, Google patiently minding his manners while we're indoors in a cooking class!


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How beautiful! One can never have too many looks at Assisi. :)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, beautiful photos. Assisi looks like such a wonderful town to visit. You can really see the great details on the relief from your close-up photos. Really nice.

The view from Letizia's terrace is so beautiful. And her dog is so cute. Is his name google? Cool!

Thanks for the great read this morning.

Beautiful photos!!! I love the church door photos!! The others bring back wonderful memories of my short stay there back in 2001. And Letizia's dog is adorable!


Thanks everyone!

Leslie, I guess that's why I keep going back!

Kathy, Letizia really does have a lovely view (and Google is very cute!)

Girasoli, I wish I had half your talent at photography. I do like photos of church doors, they can be remarkably beautiful.

Oh I love these photos! The dragons are wonderful and so are those peacocks! I only spent an afternoon in Assisi and only visited the Basilica; I'd love to spend more time there and really explore like you did.

Thanks and have a great week!


Thanks Annie, I can't say enough good things about Assisi and Umbria -- they really are so beautiful and filled with treasures.

Hope you, too, have a great week.

I am SO behind on your blog (and everyone's)! As soon as this party is over, I will go back and read every word!
I love your Italy posts!

I've loved your photos of this region. It looks so beautiful.

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