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It's wonderful......I dream of you....

Any other fans of Italian musician Paolo Conti?

I fell in love with his music years ago -- actually, before I even fell in love with Italy!

This song, Via con me (Come away with me) is perhaps my favourite, even though it has been used in several movies. Who can resist? It's so wonderfully jazzy and upbeat.

This particular YouTube clip shows some English translations to his Italian lyrics, which I thought was fun (and helpful, for those of us struggling to learn Italian!)

This is another of my favourite Conti songs -- Gli Impermeabili -- and although I'm mildly sorry to see it used in a commerical for a bank, I have to say it's pretty well done! Who can resist shots of Siena and Rome?

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, loved the videos! Great music . . . Thanks for the posting these. It was nice seeing the images of Siena and Rome in that commercial.

Thanks, Sandra. That was a lovely pause in my day!


Thanks, Kathy and Deborah. There's something about his music that gets in my head.....some of it so bitter-sweet. I feel like it reminds of something that I can never put my finger on....

I love Paolo Conti!! Great videos!! I don't really get the "bank" message in the 2nd video but the scenes are fun to watch :)


Girasoli, I'm continually amazed by how cleverly big banks do their ad campaigns. Canadian banks use the same quite subtle style. They get a good song with pleasant connotations, attach it to a lot of images of "everyday life" (of course, happy images -- no flat tires or stepping in a deep mud puddle) and then sneak their brand in only at the end.

Marketing fascinates me, what works and what doesn't and why.

You know, I'd heard that song but didn't know who did it. It's wonderful!

It reminds me of something too but I'm not sure what. Have you ever listened to Jacques Brel? I'm not even sure that's what I'm remembering.

I think I need to buy one of Conti's CDs and listen to more.


Hi Annie -- I also like Jacques Brel. I find they both can have a melancholy air, bittersweet perhaps. That might be why one reminds you of the other!

Just wanted to let you know that after I read this post, I ordered the "Best of Paulo Conti" CD from amazon. It arrived yesterday and I've listened to it twice so far - I love it! I still can't put my finger on what it reminds me of, but it takes me to a great place, so thanks!


Annie, I'm so glad you're enjoying your new CD. I listen to Paolo Conti a lot, and I feel the same way -- there is something so familar about his music, it makes me almost nostalgic for something but I cannot figure out what!

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