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This is so NOT a winter wonderland.


Today is October 29th and last night, more than 10 centimeters of snow fell -- almost 3 inches of snow. I'm not pleased about this. It's far too early in the season. I mean, it's not yet Halloween.

The top photo is from the spare bedroom window, looking at the neighbor's yard.

The lower photo is of a neighbor's parking lot.


Across the river in western Quebec, roughly twice that amount of snow fell last night. And the wind is bitterly cold.

I cannot live like this. I really need to get a gig somewhere else. With less snow.

Maybe somewhere like this?


Or this?


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Brad'll Do It:

One of the reasons to live in the desert is you NEVER have to dust snow off your car while here. Here's a definition of fall I've created for the desert: "Fall is when the temperature is in the low 60s... at night."

Your "new gig" possibilities are certainly in an area I could gig right along with you.


Isn't it a horrible, horrible day? The cats dashed out this morning and got such a shock that they dashed right back in. And it's not even officially winter for two more months. Arrgghhh...



Brad, if you've got the desert, do you really need Gubbio or Arezzo? (I think I already know the answer to that one! :) )

Nirmala, I'm with your cats. If I could, I'd be hiding under the bed right now.

This has become an issue of human (and animal) rights!


I hear you! We had a couple of inches on the ground here yesterday. They even sent the high school kids home early!


Kim, at least you'll soon be sipping wine and eating gelato in Italy, and this snow will be an unpleasant memory (at least until you get home again!)

I have to say that I miss snow...just not the cold that goes with it. I do understand though not being with snow in October, especially in Canada where you get lots of snow.


Oh Sandra, I am SOOOO with you on this one!! I heard that there was some unusual early snow this year but your pictures are.... WOW.

I too am leaving in 6 days (yeah!!) for Toscana and hoping for some decent weather.......

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, wow it's so amazing to see your top photos with all that snow. Makes me feel a little guilty that here in California we have warm 80 degree weather! Although, I wouldn't mind being in either Gubbio or Arezzo too! :)

How about a nice warm drink on a cold day . . . do you like Bailey's Irish coffee? :)

I love snow and wish that we'd get a little bit more here in NC than we do, but I agree with you...October is WAY too early for it, anywhere!


Girasoli, I think I'd also miss snow if I lived in a southern or Pacific climate -- but I'd only miss the occasional, pretty, light snowfall around Christmas! The rest of the year, I could live without it!

Dorit, I hope you have a wonderful time in Italy (I'm sure you will) and that you get crisp, but sunny fall weather.

Kathy, I'm more of a limoncello gal -- it's like drinking liquid sunshine! Or hot chocolate, the way they make it in Italy (pretty much just melted chocolate pieces, you could stand a spoon up in it.)

Annie, with your trip to Venice coming up in December, maybe you won't have to think about snow until January!

Sandra - no snow here (thank goodness). However, it was cold. What a shock to the system. 100 in the desert on Sunday and bloody freezing on Monday. ARGH

Happy Hallowe'en! :)


Jerry, I'm not sure which is worse -- enduring the winter weather, or getting a short reprieve and then being plunged into it!

Happy Halloween to you to, Leslie! I hope Pyewacket is making the most of the holiday!


Oh, snow? ... so I won't complain about the rain in Northern California.... except that I wished it waited until my new roof was up. :)


Yikes, Eden! I think rain when you're doing roof work would be a much bigger concern than a bit of snow. Poor you.


Ewwww...gross! I agree, way too early for that stuff. (I have some other friends in Ottawa and Mother Nature was in their bad books too.) I could be happy living in either of those last photo settings...

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