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Five things meme


I borrowed this meme from Girasoli on her blog Shave Ice and Gelato http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/girasoli/ who found it on the Italian blog, bleeding espresso.

I love making lists -- they help to keep me over-organized and feed my need to be in control. (Maybe that's a meme itself, Things That Are Necessary To Make Me Feel Safe and in Control of Everyone and Everything Around Me. But that would be very depressing......)

So I'll stick with the Five Things. Here goes...

1.What are 5 things you were doing ten years ago?
*I had just moved to Ottawa.
*I was madly in love (and clearly, that worked out well -- since I'm still single.)
*I was planning my first trip to Europe, a week in Paris and then Vienna (that did work out well.)
*I took up cross country skiing.
*I gave up running, because it was killing my back, and started working out in a gym.

2. What are 5 things on your to do list for today?
*Go to gym. As I do almost every day. It's a habit I don't dare slip out of.
*Pick up my book club's January book, Second Glance by Jodi Piccoult. I'm a bit skeptical about this pick...
*Phone my Mom to let her know I just booked my flight to visit her in Alberta in February. We'll celebrate her 83rd birthday.
*Hit the ATM machine.
*Confirm my monthly mani-pedi appointment for Saturday. Without it, I quickly develop bear claws (see above photo from National Geographic.)
For the record, I don't eat pastry bear claws -- although I've always thought they look delish (see photo below.)


3. What are your 5 favorite snacks?
*Good yogurt (European or Greek really are the best. )

4. What would you do if you were a millionaire?
* Buy an apartment in Italy, perhaps in Perugia. Friends could visit!
*Travel a lot.
*Give money to family members and charities.
*Buy a food processor.
*Buy a Mukka Express coffee machine, with the cool cow pattern (do I dream big, or what?)

5.Name 5 places where you have lived?

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That bear photo cracks me up!

I'm a list maker too. Do you save old lists for future reference? I do (esp. lists like "things to do before I go to Venice" so I don't have to reinvent the wheel).

And I say go ahead and buy the Mukka anyway!

I thought at first the bear represented Canada and snow. You've never even tried a bear claw?

We have 3 favorite foods in common :) We could probably take up a collection to help you with number 4 & 5 on your millianaire buys list. So you would not quit your job?

I enjoyed reading your 5 things meme :)

Isn't this meme fun? I've seen it on the other blogs as well, and each time I stop and answer the questions again in my head. And for all us list makers (I'm one too...) I recently came across a new website called rememberthemilk.com that can manage and save all those lists for us online. How cool....



Annie, that's so funny -- I DO save my lists!!!

What I need to start doing is update the lists when I get back (what I shouldn't have packed; what I need more of, like bubble wrap!) Yikes -- how anal is that!

Girasoli, I really should try a bear's claw someday, they always look sooooo good -- especially with a hot chocolate on a cold day.

I guess I really do want that Mukka -- but I think I want it to be Italian. I'll start saving now, to buy it on my next trip to Italy!


Dana, I have to go right now and check out that website -- it sounds perfect for compulsive list-makers like me!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, great post. I was curious about the bear photo at the beginning too and then I giggled when I read your 5th item on list number 2. And the bear claw photo! :)

I totally enjoyed reading your meme . . . and now I'm off to read Girasoli's meme.


Hi Kathy, thanks! Your turn next for meme, perhaps?

Fun meme and that bear photo is too cute!

Another list maker here, I make them for everything. From errands to do to grocery lists. I can't function without lists and a calendar.

I think a Mukka would make a lovely Italian souvenir.

Anal or not, updating the lists post-trip is a great idea! :) I should do that too.

I love getting pedicures! And popcorn. Yum!


Maria, I really am obsessed with lists -- and calendars! I just realized I have about 10 calendars in my office (almost all of them from Italy -- art calendars, of course!)

And I'm going to begin drawing up a to-do list for my next trip to Italy, with my Mukka at the top!

Annie, I'm working on a ST trip report from my September trip, so it probably is a good refresher, reminding me of what I should put on the next Italy to-do list. Including another careful viewing of Sister Wendy before I leave! She's so great, thanks again for tipping me to her.

Chiocciola, I have slightly mixed feelings about this pedicure -- my esthetician makes me walk home in sandals (really, it's for my own good, to protect the polish until it's set.) But with a windchill of minus 20 expected tomorrow, it's not going to be fun (however, it is only a block, so I shouldn't complain too much!)

Brrr...walking home in sandals in minus 20!!

I am also a list maker except then I forget to bring the lists with me or lose them! I always seem to write them down on little pieces of paper. I am trying to start putting everything in my iPod touch. The remember the milk site looks very interesting.

I have 2 calendars of Italy from years ago that I still have not been able to throw out.


Girasoli, I've got to check out the iPod touch -- it sounds interesting and extremely useful.

Some of the calendars I've bought in Italy over the years are too beautiful to chuck!

I never throw my calendars away... I can't bring myself to do it. They are like journals to me, and so after each year they get lined up on a bookshelf like archives. They're all the same spiral-bound size too, as they are all sent to me by a lovely old man in Florida who met my family years ago and for some reason has decided to send National Geographic calendars each year. When those calendars arrive that's how I know it's time to start to think about the next year. If I started using an iTouch I suppose I'd have to save that on the bookshelf also...


Sandra, too funny! The madly in love, the bear claws, the mukka. Totally agree that European yogourt is WAY better than ours. Ok, I'm now hoping you become a millionaire so we can all visit you in Perugia!

I just recently tossed some old calendars. I got in a rare "throw it all out" mood between Xmas and New Years. It doesn't happen often (I definitely lean more towards pack rat). :)

But I didn't throw out my old lists!


Dana, good point about old diaries forming archival material. Thanks again for the rememberthemilk.com tip -- I like the Smart List function!

Thanks Anne, and my Italian apartment will definitely have a spare room (perhaps bunk beds?) AND a pullout sofa. Half the fun will be having guests!

Good for you, Annie! I usually only purge when I move house. Although just before Christmas, something enraged me (that's the bear part of my soul) and I went on a spree, throwing out about 100 old T-shirts that I had been saving. I think I thought they could be made into cleaning rags. But I don't really need any more cleaning rags!!

I'm with you. I can't get through my day without a list!

Barb Cabot:

Sandra, I really enjoyed reading your answers. You sound so disciplined with the exercise daily and your snack list sounds very healthy. I too am a list maker. Thanks for sharing this. It is fun to look back in time to see where we were and how far we've come.

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