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Today's post, brought to you by the letter H (as in Hell!)



This is about things that begin with the letter "H" and that remind me of Italy. I've taken the idea for this post from Girasoli at Shave Ice and Gelato http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/girasoli/ who borrowed from Jill at Fizzy Thoughts. Each posted on a particular letter from the alphabet and 10 or so objects they love that begin with that particular letter. Jill assigned the letter G to Girasoli; Girasoli, in turn, handed me the letter H.

Now, to make this extra interesting, I decided that I would use H words that are connected with Italy, a country I love so much.

This is, however, something of a challenge because there aren't many Italian words that begin ith 'H' (although words from other languages have crept into use in Italy.) Further, when the letter H does appear at the beginning of a word, that word is usually a conjugation of another word. For example, conjugating "avere" which means to have, one begins with Io ho (I have) and this sounds something like Eee-oh-OH. The letter H is generally silent.

All of this is to say that I'll mostly stick to English words that begin with H, yet remind of something in Italy!

1. Hell. Hell is big in much religious-based Italian art. As in Michelangelo's Last Judgement, shown above.

2. Heaven is there as well, in Michelangelo's vision. (Both photos from the Web Gallery of Art)

3. Ham can be heavenly, I think of Parma ham, for example.


4. Hagiography, or the study of saints, is also big in Italy, and because I love to visit Umbria and Assisi, I see quite a lot of St. Francis (1181-1226). (And there he is, just above)

5. Hello -- or buongiorno. Italians are very friendly.


6. Home. Above is a photo of Perugia's walls. This Umbrian city feels like home.


7. Hermitage. Which in Italian is roughly translated as Eremo and takes us back to the subject of saints. Above is the Eremo delle Carceri, or Hermitage of the Prisoners, so named because of the tiny cells where St. Francis and his followers would sleep. (Carceri is also from the Latin 'carceres' which means isolated places.) I hiked up to the site of this eremo, clinging to the side of Monte Subasio, where Francis would stay to get away from the madness of modern-day Assisi (that is, modern day in his era, the 13th century. Probably quite a lot of foot traffic and open sewers.) The photo is from the website Sacred Destinations.


8. Handsome -- Italian men. I'll let this photo speak for itself.

9. Happy. Me in Italy

10. Hope. Here is hoping that time flies until my next trip to Italy!

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I agree Sandra... H is a difficult letter, but you Handled it so Handsomely...



Good for you - have "M" and it's going to take me several days to do this one.

This a great Sandra. Now I shall have to steal it as well. I love the way the blogosphere operates.


Clever Dana! I just hope I didn't make a mistake in terms of my Italian, I know you have an excellent grasp of the language.

Good luck, Marcia -- at least if you stick with Italy there are lots of M words!

Jerry, I'm always happy to share!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, excellent collection of "H" words! And very cool how you made them Italy related.

Thanks for the great post!

Good job Sandra! And good job getting a Best of Youth reference in there!

I am laughing over you choice of the word Hell. Not one of the words I would have thought you would choose! In my defense, I didn't realize you would try to use Italian words. That would be like me giving you the letter X to come up with English words. Fun post. Very creative. I like the way you turned it into all things Italian.

Great job, not only coming up with 10 things but connecting them all to Italy. And yes, #8 DOES say it all!


Thanks everyone! Remarkable how I can turn anything into a discussion about Italy (and extraordinarily attractive Italian men!)


How Heavenly!!! Love this post, Sandra. I hadn't seen Jill's or girasoli's posts yet, but just flipped over and asked girasoli for my own letter! What a fun idea.


Good luck, Anne -- I hope you don't get X (I'm sure you'll get a friendly consonant!)


Excellent job! My letter is "R" and my list will appear tomorrow :).


I love all of your "H" words! Good job!


Thanks Nancy!

Kim, I'm going to look for your list.

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