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Yes we can (although perhaps we shouldn't).....


.....eat a deep-fried doughnut-like confection originally known as a BeaverTail but yesterday, dubbed the ObamaTail (decorated with an "O" made of Nutella.)

Folks in Ottawa seemed especially excited when U.S. President Barack Obama detoured away from Parliament Hill during an official visit, to stop by the historic Byward Market, pick up some treats for his kids -- and an ObamaTail for himself. (photo from Reuters.)

The political symbolism of the new U.S. president chosing Canada for his first official foreign visit is hugely important to Canada, which relies on the U.S. as its largest trading partner and closest defence ally.

Many Canadians were quietly amused by the contrast between the more gregarious, relaxed, confident Obama and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who is often criticized for being cold, distant and mistrustful of everyone around him -- particularly ordinary Canadians, but also the media, his cabinet ministers, federal bureaucrats, etc.

During the one-day visit, there were serious talks between the politicians on everything from climate change to trade issues to the war in Afghanistan. But many Canadians will likely best remember Obama's declaration: "I love this country!"

The official itinerary for the president's brief stop in Canada's capital didn't include a walkabout or really any face time with the public. But at the last minute, when his motorcade was supposed to be headed back to the airport, Obama suddenly detoured to the popular shopping area.

There, he stopped at a French bakery to pick up Maple Leaf-shaped cookies for his daughters (the Maple Leaf is a symbol of Canada and can be seen on the Canadian flag.) He also visited a souvenir shop where he bought a key chain decorated with a moose for one of his daughters and a scarf for his wife, and then stopped at the BeaverTails kiosk for an ObamaTail. (BeaverTails are so called because the pastry is flattened to resemble an industrious beaver's wide, flat tail.)

Then, having charmed everyone around him -- even the hard-to-please Harper -- Obama was gone. Or, as the Ottawa Citizen described it, in a cute play on the title of a popular book about grammar: Eats treats and leaves!

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Thank you so much for this report! I love that photo too. Very cute.

"Eats treats and leaves" is clever!


Sounds like you all had a nice visit, hope the vibe continues.

Yay very cool! I LOVE the play on words "Eats treats and leaves!", that is hilarious! Glad to hear he took some time to walk around as well.

As for saying "I love this country!" maybe he was referring to health care? With the whole Daschle mess I think that will be such a challenge, although I still think it should be a top priority.

I see that Obama is in my favourite french bakery in the market. Apparently he has splendid taste in baked goods.

Paul was wondering if obama would have to pay for his baked goods. I laughed - if I were the owner I'd be giving them away - you can't buy this kind of advertising!

Hopefully Ottawa will get back to normal shortly.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, interesting post. I really like that photo of Obama. I'm glad that Obama decided to visit Canada first and that he made such a great and knowing him sincerely honest declaration.

Sounds like he had a productive visit and not forgetting that he is also a father and a husband, picked up some great souvenirs for his family.

Thanks for this report Sandra!


Deep fried doughnut like - yumm, I'd be smiling too. LOL

Eats treats and leaves...excellent!
Happy to see the buzz in the media, only time will tell if it amounts to anything other than a photo-op for both men. I'm wishing, though...wishing.

I so enjoyed reading this. We get none of this news here. Of course if I googled Canadian news sources, I would have found some, but your blog is much better. So who does your Prime Minister trust?

Sandra, I just read your post out loud for Bill to hear it too, and we both enjoyed it. You are such a great writer. Obama is so charming, isn't he?


Thank you for the report on Obama's Canadian visit.

Jerry, we always knew you had good taste in food, so the visit to the French bakery should be expected!


Finally catching up with everyone. Thanks for the recap.

Hi Sandra, we are missing you, hope all is OK!

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