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I think I'll call him Green Ed


So, my brother Robert has been back in his workshop. This time, he's constructing what looks a bit like some sort of Franken-truck. But, knowing Rob, this vintage truck will turn out to be authentic right down to the radio and the leather bench seat (as well as all sorts of mechanical things that don't much interest me.)

Rob drives truck for a living, but in the winter he has time to tinker with his hobby. When I was young, that was restoring vintage cars. That was extremely fun to watch. Then, he went through an unpleasant vintage tractor period. More recently, it was light-delivery trucks from the 1950s. Now, it's larger trucks from that same era.

It's a painstaking process, particularly this one. Usually Robert finds an old carcass -- or, in truck-speak, I suppose a wrecked chassis or at least some sort of frame to work with. This time, he's starting pretty well from scratch, scouring the countryside for tires, fenders, the hood, the cab -- everything.

The who, what, where, and when questions of this quest are easily answered. Why, is not so clear. Nostalgia, perhaps.


What Rob is constructing is a 1956 Fargo/Dodge 3-tonne truck, with a six-yard box which would have once been used for hauling loads of gravel or sand. Rob tells me that my father used to drive one just like this (right down to that mint green colour) when Dad was first establishing his business and Rob was an impressionable youth.

I've decided to dub it Green Ed, after Purple Ed.


Remember Purple Ed?

Last spring, I had fun practicing driving a stick by using Purple Ed. He's a delightful, 1953 Chevrolet light delivery truck that Rob had restored years ago (it was either that, or practice on a vintage tractor. Not appealing.)

Purple Ed was named after his predecessor, Old Ed, who was a beautiful, buff-coloured 1951 Chevrolet light delivery truck, named by Robert and Dad in honour of the fellow they bought the truck from in the '70s.

Robert liked the model so much, that he discovered and restored Purple Ed (who was named by my mother, the only person who believes that Ed's burgundy hue is purple.)

Driving Purple Ed was a bit of a challenge, since I can't drive a stick anyway. And Ed's starter is actually a pedal on the floor and his gear shift is on the steering column -- "three on the tree" as my brothers call it.

Still, I think Purple Ed would be much easier to drive than Green Ed will be.

By the way, Mrs. Cat -- who insists on being with Robert at all times -- does not like Green Ed and all dust and mess he brings with him.

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I remember Purple Ed! I think Green Ed has a lot of character but boy, it sure does look like a lot of work. I love vintage cars, there's a place nearby that has about 8 of them, all newly restored, sitting out in the lot. I love seeing them when I ride by.

I hope that you'll show us Green Ed's "after" photos!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, your brother is very talented to be able to reconstruct these vintage trucks. I'm sure that when he's done with Green Ed, he'll be just as handsome as purple Ed.

That's interesting that the starter for purple Ed is on the floor. It must be fun to drive around in.

Cool post Sandra! Have a great evening.

Wow, Sandra, what a hobby! And I am sure it is great to watch the transformation too.


Annie, I definitely plan to get some "after" photos. I also love vintage cars, they're often so cool-looking and have so much style. I don't know why my brother is so involved with old trucks instead of cars, maybe it's easier to find the part. I'll have to ask.

Hi Kathy! The starter on the floor feels kind of wierd, so many pedals down there to have to deal with! Rob is a perfectionist, so I'm sure Green Ed will look fabulous. Whether I'd want to drive him, is another question.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Candi, it is interesting the watch the transformation -- especially from a distance in both time and place. I don't know where he gets the patience to work on such large and slow project, day in day out.

I probably won't get back to see his progress for several months, so it will come as a fun surprise!


It was a great pleasure to meet the Eds today - and certainly your pictures are great, too. It makes me wish I had a hobby that I was that passionate about, but I imagine he needs a fair bit of space for the Eds.


Sandra, I can't wait to see the new Green Ed. Wouldn't mind the tractors, either. What does your brother do with these once they are complete?

Purple Ed is so cool! I hope he is not gone. It will be interesting to see Green Ed after your brother finishes the restoration. How long does he think it will take?


Hi Marcia, I also can't imagine a hobby that is so time consuming and expensive (just keeping his workshop heated all winter is very costly!) But I supposed Robert would say the same about my hobby -- travelling to Italy!

Jane, Robert usually ends up selling his work but he consistently undervalues what he has done. I think he might keep Green Ed for sentimental reasons.

Hi Girasoli, Purple Ed is fine (altho Robert took his battery out for the winter!)He's parked in a sunny spot and Mrs. Cat likes to enjoy the warmth sitting on the roof of the cab!

I have to ask Robert how long it will take to finish Green Ed -- I'm guessing it will be spring, before he goes back to work. I think much of the hard work has been done.

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