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Of mothers and cats



I always enjoy seeing my Mom and her two sisters together and it doesn't seem to happen often enough! But we all met for brunch on Mom's birthday in late February when I was back in Alberta and spent a wonderful day together!

Mom, in the red sweater on the right, is at 83 the eldest among five siblings. My auntie Edie, in the centre, will be 82 this year and their sister Jean, on the left, will be 80. Jean still lives in her own home while Edie recently moved into the same seniors' home as my Mom. I think they both really enjoy that, although I suspect they bicker a bit, as sisters sometimes do. Apparently, they sit together in morning exercise class (most exercises are done while seated) and have become rather disruptive, gossiping when they should be doing leg and arm raises!

I'm just relieved they're both very happy and safe in the local seniors' residence.

While I was in Alberta, my mother and I both stayed in my brother Robert's home on the acreage that he and my parents bought 25 years ago. However, according to Mrs. Cat, things are not being well managed there. I have never heard so much complaining in all my life! Daily, she would complain loud and long and I can only assume it must be about Robert and her living conditions. Particularly the noise and cold in his workshop, where she and my brother spend most of their time.

As a bit of history, Mrs. Cat is firmly established on the acreage. She was terribly sick and scrawny -- a feral cat on the run -- when Rob took her in about 4 years ago. (Since then, he has opened the cat door in his workshop to many feral cats, despite Mrs. Cat's protests. All have moved on after some food and care, except Mrs. Cat.)


In winter, my brother spends most of his time in his workshop rebuilding vintage trucks, cars, tractors -- whatever. The subject of his interest changes every few years. So, that's where Mrs. Cat spends most of her time as well. (She follows Rob everywhere!)

She has a lovely, warm nest made from a collection of garishly coloured bathmats which are arranged on the seat of Rob's front-end loader. Does he ever get an earful whenever he needs to use the loader and moves her bed. In the photo just above, she is sitting on one of the tires of the loader, midway between her nest and the ground. Occasionally, she moves up into the rafters, presumably for a better view of things. Or, for safety's sake if he is welding.

Anyway, the weather was very cold last week and she might have been upset and complaining about that. Or the quality of her cat chow. Or the amount of dust and dirt in the workshop. Perhaps she was just shooting the breeze, discussing her ear mites or the other cats that have passed through. Who can tell what a cat is thinking?

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Hey Sandra,

Mrs Cat is beautiful! Love the tux and socks, and that black beard makes a real statement!

That's a really nice picture of your mom and aunts. Your mom looks way younger than 83.

I'm so glad to meet Mrs. Cat...she's a tuxedo cat like my little Maria! Maria is a big talker too, and I often wonder what she is telling me.

Love the story about "the girls" cutting up in exercise class!


Hey Nim, it's nice to hear from you -- we have to get together soon!

My mom will be thrilled with your remark. It's pretty amazing that she still doesn't have a lot of grey hair and I suppose at this rate, she never will!

Annie, Mrs. Cat (and Mrs. Mittens, her predecessor) does have that lovely tuxedo colouring, just like Maria. But it's very hard for her to stay clean, when she hangs around my brother's workshop all the time. She follows him absolutely everywhere, so I suppose that means she doesn't mind.


Your mother and aunts look so happy together; my mother was one of four sisters, now only my 86 year old aunt, the baby, is left. I'm glad you had a good visit with your family.


Sandra, lovely picture of your mom & her sisters. How lucky they are to have each other. Nice to meet Mrs. Cats,too. She looks like she has character

barb cabot:

Your mom and her sisters are so cute. What a wonderful time to celebrate with everyone. Mrs. Cat is beautiful.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, that's a wonderful photo of your mom and aunts. And it's so great that your mom and her one sister stay at the same senior's home. They all look very happy. I also enjoyed the exercise class story. :)

I was curious about the reference to Mrs. Cat from a previous post of yours. It's cool how your brother takes in feral cats like that.

I enjoyed reading more about your trip. Have a great evening Sandra!


Hi Marcia, I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your mother and two aunts. I really enjoy being with the three sisters, and appreciate the time that we have together!

Sheri, they are lucky to have each other and to live close enough to visit each other.

Thanks, Barb! I think the sisters do look cute together. I'm sure Mrs. Cat would love to know you think she's beautiful. She's quite nervous -- terrified of brooms -- and I think she must have had an unpleasant life before she moved in with Robert!

Hi Kathy, thanks so much. Robert really loves animals, he so misses his dog Sam (who died a few years ago) and the late lamented Mrs. Mittens. He ought to convince a few other feral cats to stick around, they'd have a good home and he would have more company!


Your mom and aunts are adorable. I grew up with my mom being very close and bickering (in Italian) with her 4 sisters. What for fun them all to be together with you!


Welcome back Sandra! Missed you! Glad to see that you had such a nice trip with family. Your mom and aunts are too adorable...


Mrs. Cat is so cute! She looks a lot like a cat I had many years ago named Sylvester (after the cartoon). He looked just like her.

That is so cool that your mom and her two sisters all still hang out sometimes together and are all or will be soon all in their 80's. Cute that your mom and her sister get in trouble gossiping during exercise class. Beautiful photo of your mom and her sisters.

Loved this post! :)

I love the photo of your mom with her sisters. They look so happy together. Had to laugh about the little bit of bickering and gossiping. It sounds a lot like my mom and her sister.

Mrs. Cat looks so much like my Tux and Annie’s cat. I love tuxedo cats, their coloring is so interesting!

Brad'll Do It:

So, Sandra, do you take after your mother, or are you more like your father? And given her longevity, I think you have to plan for a very long retirement (which is good news, eh?).


Sandra, your mom and her sisters are so beautiful. What lovely smiles! Love the Mrs Cat tales, the nest of bath mats cracked me up! I love a cat with an attitude :)


Thanks Palma! You must have so enjoyed being with your Mom and her sisters, even with the bickering!

Thanks Dana, it was a nice trip (but I missed the Internet!)

Girasoli, I guess Sylvester (the cartoon cat) was a Tuxedo cat. Your name for your kitty must have been so appropriate.

It is so nice to see my Mom and her sisters get together fairly often. When I was growing up, we would sometimes go years without seeing them -- I guess they were each so busy with husbands and kids, and now they have much more time for each other.

Thanks Leslie!

And Maria, thanks for educating me about tuxedo cats (that's such a perfect description!)

Brad, I suspect I combine the worst traits of both of my parents! They both were bossy and liked to argue. But at least, I'll not likely have to worry about grey hair!

The longevity trait is a real concern. I have a decent pension plan at work but I really should be saving so much more, since I don't want to outlive my resources.

Hi Anne, thanks so much. Mrs. Cat definitely has a very big attitude. And my Mom and aunties will be thrilled with your compliments!

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