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"Save up all your bread and fly TransLove Airways to San Francisco USA."

Remember that "announcement" opening Eric Burdon and The Animals' 1967 hit "San Franciscan Nights?" I've always loved this song, with its bittersweet undertones.

I've been thinking about it, as I start planning a fall trip to San Francisco. Perhaps I should go in early October, if that would mean the best weather?

My older brother Noel lives in Hayward, in the Bay area, and I haven't been down to see him in about 10 years -- the last time I went, he was living in Oakland, which is just a bit further north. Interesting town.

I really loved San Francisco, but there always seemed to be so many other places to visit. But it's time, I think, that I went back.

My brother Noel and I aren't particularly close, so I intend to stay in San Francisco itself, rather than in his home or even Hayward. I'm thinking that I can lessen the stress of the visit by making the trip both a sightseeing, travel adventure as well as a family get-together.

I think that my older sister and younger brother Kelly both want to join me and also like the idea of playing tourist along with spending some time all together. This means I need to start looking for a holiday rental apartment or at least, a suite hotel with 3 bedrooms. (Kelly, the baby, is 43; I'm 48; my sister is 60 -- we all need a certain amount of space!)

There are a few things I'd like to do on my own -- perhaps a Slow Travel GTG? Definitely a night at the opera (none of my siblings are opera fans) and perhaps some shopping in Union Square.

I think this could be fun -- whether or not I travel on TransLove Airways! (Perhaps you can tell I was a child of the 60s, I still enjoy all that peace and luv stuff!)

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Woo-Hoo Sandra. I love San Francisco too. You'll have great fun.
I've been to San Francisco in October, and I thought the weather was great.


Thanks Candi! That's good to know. October seems like the best time for all of us to meet, and I'm glad to hear that that should also be good, weatherwise.

I've been to San Francisco about four times and it is my favorite city in the whole USA! My daughter and I went there last November and had a blast. Weather was perfect. Stayed at a hotel very close to Union Square. You are going to have a fantastic time!


GTG for sure! And the opera will be in full swing.

Don't miss the current "essence of San Francisco" thread on the North America forum - lots of great ideas.


Barb Cabot:

Love love love this city. San Francisco has to be one of the most magical cities in the world. You are wise to understand the individual needs for space for yourself and your siblings. That will make for the best trip. Have fun planning.

Barb Cabot:

I forgot to say thank you for this video. It brought back so many memories. I am a child of the 60's. Peace and love mean alot to me.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, sounds like a fantastic trip. I haven't been to SF for several years now but when I used to live up north, it was fun to go into the city and I always enjoyed it. It's such a pretty city. I agree with the others, you will have a really great time! And how nice that you'll be with your family too!


Thanks, Maria! I know it will be a lot of fun. And I think it would be great to stay around Union Square, right in the centre of things.

Judy, when we meet in Bologna, maybe we can begin to plan an SF GTG! Now, I should start looking at opera schedules and perhaps plan a bit around that.

Barb, the more I think about how gorgeous SF is, the more excited I get. And I'm glad you enjoyed the flashback to the 60s, it was a very cool period.

Thanks, Kathy! Since I've only been once, I don't really know SF and the Bay area, but it will be wonderful to learn more about it!

I love SF too. I've been there a couple of times and want to go back someday. Have you seen the documentary "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"? Wonderful film set in that city!

I loved the SF Museum of Modern Art. Even though I was too young for the Summer of Love, I too love the whole vibe of that era. When I was there, I went to North Beach to the City Lights bookstore where the Beats hung out, and also went down to Haight-Asbury to pay homage.

How exciting to have this trip on your schedule!


Annie, I'll have to look for "The Wild Parrots" -- it sounds interesting!

When I visited my brother in the past, we didn't see a single museum -- which helps to explain why I'll be needing a fair amount of time on this trip to do my own thing! I'd like to see the museum of modern art and I'd love to visit City Lights -- that bookstore is high on my must-do list.

It's a wonderful film. The guy who befriends those birds is kind of a classic San Franciscan...not a hippie really but definitely a soulful counter-culture type of guy. I loved him, loved the parrots, and loved all the scenery.

The bookstore is cool. I really liked that whole North Beach area.

It's pretty touristy but my friend and I took one of those Gray Line bus tours and I loved that too. The tour guide was hilarious and it was a good way to get an overview of the whole city.

I use to say that SF was the most beautiful city in the world, but that was before I'd been to Venice, so now I have it in second place. I need to go back again soon, I'm thinking.

Barb Cabot:

Sandra there's a thread on Slowtrav right now for top things to see/do in San Francisco. Make sure you check this out. Some really great suggestions. Museums are fabulous there, so many and with such variations of art exhibits. It makes me want to go just thinking of your trip. I still have your blog listed under Feb. bloggers on the side bar of my blog. Everytime I see this line:
"Save up all your bread and fly TransLove Airways to San Francisco USA." I have to laugh and click on it and come back here. I'm addicted to this place!"


Annie, the film sounds interesting....and so familiar. I think someone blogged about it last year? Or perhaps I just read a review?

I'll keep the bus tour idea in mind as well. You're right, these can be pretty touristy but then, I'm just a tourist and sometimes these things can really give the visitor a good overview. It's also the kind of thing I think my younger brother and sister would enjoy! Thanks for the suggestion.

It's funny, after my first visit there I also thought SF was the most beautiful, interesting city I had ever seen (that was before I discovered Europe.) Still, when I see photos of SF now, it reminds me of how much I loved it.

Barb, I've seen the SF thread on Slow Travel but haven't read it all the way through -- yet! I intend to, though, and look forward to all the suggestions.

Maybe you'll come to the city when we have our San Francisco GTG!

How exciting!! I have only visited San Francisco once for the day (or maybe it was two days). I just know it was too long ago. I have been thinking about returning a lot lately. Italy keeps getting in my way though :)


Girasoli, I know exactly what you mean!!!! Italy is pretty much all-consuming!


Oh jeez, Translove Airways, takes me back some. I was in college in Santa Cruz in the early 70's; San Francisco is where I thought I would live, but then life took us other places. It is still the city I love to visit at any time of the year; fall is simply great there.

Sandra - you'll have a great time in SF. We've been there many times and every trip we make a new'discovery' that amuses us.


Marcia, studying in Santa Cruz in the 70s must have been a great experience. I have to confess, I was only about 6 years old when Eric Burdon released that song, but it has always stuck with me. (Prolonged exposure to the music my older siblings played!) And I suppose I romanticize what the 1960s and early 70s would have been like, especially in places like San Francisco. It has a strong pull on my imagination.

Jerry, I've been reading your reviews on SF hotels and your latest blog postings about favourite restaurants there -- they're so helpful. I'm beginning to think a week won't be nearly enough time to visit!

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