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I know a young woman who bought a new bed.......Part 2


The self-indulgent saga of the new bed continues.

As you can see from the poor-quality photo of my new bed, I have a problem. And it's going to cost me still more money to fix!

This monster bed is just a bit out of proportion to the rest of my furniture! This is, in part, because my new pillow-top mattress (even with the low-profile box spring) is a few inches higher than older-style mattresses. And to make matters worse, I discovered my treasured old bed frame is not adjustable; that is, I can't lower the bottom rail. Thus, the bed now sits about four feet off the floor, towers over the bedside table, and I almost need a stepladder to get up on to the damned thing!

I really do have to leap on and off of it, and my friend Vesna insists that I'll soon break a hip in the process. I'm certain that at the very least, I'll crack my head open when I get up some night, forget that I'm four feet off the ground, and go crashing to the hardwood.

Clearly, this whole adventure is going to cost me still more money before it staggers to a close. Because it seems that I'm going to have to buy a new headboard and frame.

As I described in an earlier post, my decision to buy a new mattresses triggered many other purchases that I hadn't expected. (The new, higher mattress needed new, larger sheets, a new duvet, and various expensive little accessories.)

When the mattress and box spring were delivered a week ago, the deliver men also brought the new (very cheap) low-profile bed frame which I had bought for use in the spare room. They quickly set up the new frame (which is just the metal square which the box spring rests on) and helped me place my old mattress and box spring there. Great -- I finally have a spare-room bed.

They also double checked my bed frame (pictured above) and assured me that the lower rail can't be lowered. The super in my building confirmed this, and everyone had a good laugh at how ridiculous my bed looks, with the mattress floating way up towards the ceiling.

The only quick solution I can see is to switch frames. That is, use the cheap but low-profile frame in my room and put my lovely bed frame, with its head and footboards, in the spare room. Perhaps that will be nice for guests.

But a new problem exists. The cheap, low-profile frame is so cheap that its six little wheels don't have brakes. Now, most wheels on bed frames have a little device that locks the wheels in place, so when you sit on the bed, it doesn't shoot out from under and go skidding across the hardwood.

So, the super suggests I put some pieces of adhesive felt under the wheels to keep them from moving. I don't know how effective that will be -- I use these pieces under chair legs so they don't scratch the hardwood, but my chairs still move easily.

Thus, I think I'm still going to have to buy a new frame and headboard -- the room will just look unfinished without these! I have been mulling the idea of buying another beautiful tapestry in Umbria, which could be framed and might look very nice above the bed. That's one possibility. (Here's a link to the last tapestry I bought in Umbria.)

Oh, and to add to the mounting bill, I had bought a new bed skirt to go with the big duvet on the big new bed. This was another bad, bad idea -- the skirt didn't fit right and I realized that with a lower-profile frame, it wouldn't be necessary anyway. I would no longer be able to store boxes under the bed, so there would be no need to hide these with the bed skirt.

I decided to remove the skirt and return it -- $100 was a ridiculous price anyway! What was I thinking? As I began to remove the new cream-coloured bed skirt, I scratched myself on a sharp corner of the frame. Only when I found about 10 bloody patches spread across the skirt, did I realize I had actually cut myself quite deeply. An hour of soaking in cold water removed the blood stains -- but then, I found nice, 3-cornered tear in the fabric, presumably from the same rough edge where I cut myself. Guess I can't return that.

Lovely; I am now the proud owner of a bed skirt I neither need nor want. I wonder if I can rework it into some kind of bed frame.........

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Oh Sandra, I don't mean to laugh but I can't help myself. I can't believe the turn this has taken! I love the tapestry idea though. Looking forward to the next installment of this... :)


I feel the pain, those new larger mattresses are wonderful in many ways, but in others, it's just the domino of ka-ching. Hope you're sleeping well on the new mattress.


Annie, I see this as a cautionary tale for anyone shopping for a new bed!!! Beware!!!

Marcia, I love your turn of phrase, "it's just the domino of ka-ching." But, I must admit, the mattress is quite comfortable which almost makes the adventure worthwhile!

Oh Sandra, I am feel bad for you. I hate when things like this happen. 100 dollars for a bed skirt? Ouch.
I do like the hardwood floor in your room though:)

I know!

I had a lot of issues to resove too when I changed my bed completely.

Yes, my valance went in the bin after it ripped when I was taking it off as it didn't fit the new bed.

Yep, new sheets, but got really high good thread count ones from ebay.


Thanks Candi -- that'll teach me to fall for a $100 bed skirt!

I do love having hardwood, I like the look and it's so easy to keep clean.

Leslie, I can't believe the same thing happened to you! I feel slightly less foolish.

I like your idea of looking at sheets on eBay. I definitely need more than the set that Mattress Mart threw in -- 300 thread count, they feel like old terry cloth!

I am also sorry to hear that this is becoming quite a nightmare. I am impressed though that your super is there to help. I probably wouldn't trust a runaway bed either. Could you use the bed skirt for the bed in your guest room?

WOW - this seemingly purchased has becoming an economic stimulus package. Perhaps you should do the living room next! I feel your pain!

Poor Sandra! One thing has really led to another here, hasn't it?? I hope you get it all sorted out...

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, first let me say that your bed looks very beautiful and comfy. So I'm glad that given your ordeal getting it that you like it and find it comfortable.

I'm trying not to giggle over your difficulties but I'm just finding your bed buying saga funny because I can relate to it a bit. When I bought my new bed it took me forever to find a table for my Alarm clock that would be even in height. So when I read this post it just brought back memories. But let me just say that it will all be worth it in the end and you'll love your bed and all the things you're having to get to make it just right. I also love your tapestry idea!

Sorry to year that you cut yourself and then being stuck with the $100 skirt. It would be cool to hear any further updates. Hang in there Sandra...


Hi Girasoli, the super here is really helpful! Since I'm stuck with it, I think I'm actually going to use the new bed skirt after all; I'll just have to stitch it up the middle to take up the loose fabric to fit.

Jerry, I really am doing my best to stimulate Canada's retail sector (and wait until I get to Italy! )

I'm whining too much Chiocciola -- the new mattress is very comfortable and that's the important thing!

Thank you, Kathy! I'm glad I'm not the only one with these struggles.

It's very hard sometimes to get bedside tables just the right height -- one of these mornings, I'm probably going to knock the alarm clock and glass lamp crashing to the floor.

I wonder if the tapestry/textile idea might work out? It could be fun to try!


Oh, sorry to also laugh, but it was just the tip of the iceberg, wasn't it? I KNOW I have done things that had similar chain reactions (my ceramic table from Italy...chairs, then a base, then new dishs...)

I hope the new bed gives you sweet Italy dreams, as THAT is where you must spend money!


Here is another one that found your post funny. Sorry. I tried not to laugh at your saga...

Fortunately, you have a new and comfortable bed, unfortunately it is continuing to cost you more $$$.

Fortunately it will mean more shopping, unfortunately it will be additional cost...

I can go on and on... as I had a similar adventure... Shall I say, This too will pass... and you will simply enjoy your new bed.


Thank you so much Palma -- I think we have many of the same values! I hope the new bed DOES bring wonderful Italian dreams (and perhaps some Frette sheets would help with that!)

Eden, it IS a funny and ridiculous situation -- but spending $$$ on a good bed is a good investment, so I shouldn't complain about it!

I read this entry late last night and though of you a few minutes later when I had to climb into my own monster bed. Hang in there; you’ll have a beautiful bedroom. I think another Umbrian tapestry is a good reward for all the trouble this new bed has caused you.


Thanks, Maria, for your encouragement!

chiaro di luna:

Sorry for the expense this is adding.
I can identify with this too. I bought a new bed two years ago, got it set up and found it to be a lot higher than I thought in the store.
It is very comfortable though, and I now like how it is so easy to get on and off of, unlike the low Scandinavian teak bed we had before.
Hope it works out for you.


Hi Chiaro, it's nice to hear from you! I do need to just give myself time to get used to the new bed, and forget the cost!

I'm glad to hear that your's has worked out so well for you.

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