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Another deadly earthquake has struck central Italy, and the death toll continues to climb. As of late Monday afternoon in L'Aquila, near the quake's centre, at least 92 people have been reported dead and tens of thousands have been left homeless.

At least 26 other towns in the area have also been hard hit, according to authorities. They say the L’Aquila quake was the worst to hit Italy since 1980, when a 6.9-magnitude earthquake struck Eboli, south of Naples, leaving more than 2,700 people dead.

This link to the New York Times website provides more information, maps and details. (Above photos from ANSA; BBC website)

The affected area is very close to my beloved Umbria province. My thoughts are with our Italian friends and their neighbours.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, thank you for this post. I haven't listen to the news at all this weekend and this is the first that I have read about this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the Italians and specifically to the victims and family of those injured/killed as a result of this terrible quake.

Very very sad. So much destruction in such a short time.

I've been looking at the pictures online and video on RAI all morning long. What a tragic event. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the affected areas, their families, friends and rescuers.

It is such a tragedy. Earthquakes are very scary. Italy and Italians are in my thoughts and prayers.

This is tragic on so many different levels! My thoughts go out to everyone who is affected.


The news is so grim, with the death toll rising and the extent of the destruction becoming better known.

Apparently, it hasn't reached up into Umbria, so our friends there seem safe but of course, shocked and deeply saddened by all of this.

Barb Cabot:

I watched some clips of this just before I left for work. My heart aches for any country when they suffer losses such as this but this day and the news carried even more sadness for our beloved Italy. I wanted to post something but had no time. I appreciate your post. The photos are heartbreaking.


The pictures you've chosen well convey the destruction, and all of the irrevocable losses suffered...


Ditto what everyone else said. So sad. We spent a couple of hours in L'Aquila for lunch. What a pretty little town.


The photos really are heart-breaking and the death toll continues to climb....Palma, Abruzzo has been on my list of Italian regions I would really like to visit -- even now, despite the destruction, you can see its beauty.

Read this Monday...just late in commenting. This is just so heartbreaking and the news just keeps getting worse and worse. My thoughts are with everyone in Italy.


Girasoli, it really is a tragedy, isn't it.

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