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So, I'm caught up on my laundry, my house-sitter is lined up (I just hope she doesn't drink all my limoncello) and now, there's nothing to do but second guess all of my plans and try not to over-pack.

As a distraction yesterday, I went bra shopping. I don't really enjoy this activity, so I put it off for as long as possible. But with weather forecasts for Emilia-Romagna currently averaging about 30C (roughly 90 F) I'm packing some white T-shirts and these call for a good, beige undergarment that's smooth (ie no seams or saccharine bows!)

A friend has been raving about her Spanx bra (as seen on Oprah , no less ) so I decided to check these out. At $95, this thing should not only be discrete and supportive, but hold my hand during sad movies and bring me chocolate! I guess that's asking too much of a mere undergarment. Especially this one, which appears to have been designed and manufactured by the Stasi for East German swim teams. Or maybe for use in a gulag somewhere. This is serious Soviet-issue stuff, the ugliest bra I have ever seen. However, if it does its job, it won't be apparent to anyone else.

There, that distracted me for about 5 minutes from my pre-travel jitters. As my mind glazes over, I'm just glad that everything else seems to be organized. (At least, until my house-sitter finds the garbage bag in the fridge, a full milk carton in the garbage and my passport sitting in the microwave.)

Next stop: Parma; then Bologna and the two towers (shown above.)

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Brad'll Do It:

Never would've expected this subject matter in a blog of yours. However I do want to say it was uplifting, with no padding, and nary a false note.

Thanks, Sandra, it was hilarious.

Barb Cabot:

This is hilarious bra chatter. I'm laughing so hard. You are very clever and it's clear you are a writer with such wit. No wonder you make a living at it. Made my morning. Buon Viaggio. It will be wonderful. I admire how you plan and overplan. You are prepared for everything fun and anything that gets in the way will dissolve with pleasure I'm sure. Have a great trip!


$95 for a bra??? Does it dance the salsa and make margaritas too?

If I were you, I would lock up my limoncello :)

Wow, that is quite a bra! I hope it works out for you.

Are you planning to travel by train on June 14th? Just read about an 8 hour planned strike that day - "Trenitalia personnel will be on strike for 8 hours, from 9.01 am to 5 pm." You might want to get on an earlier train if you are. Hope it won't affect you but knowing in advance always helps with planning. They still have not come out with July strikes yet.

Have a FABULOUS time!!! Can't wait to hear about your trip. Will be thinking of you :)

Humorous! Yes, andiamo and I wish you a DEEPLY satisfying (and safe, of course) trip. You have no idea how excited I am to see you again and have you with us. Until then...tanti auguri carissimi di buon viaggio, Sandra,

Safe travels, have a lot of fun, and get that passport out of the microwave!

Oh Sandra, I am so excited for you!

I am glad your bra shopping provided some distraction for you. I've heard good things Spanx bra, but no one mentioned it brings chocolate, please let me know if it does, because I will definitely want at least one then:)


Brad, thanks -- your puns are always an inspiration!

Thank you Barb, for your kind words and wishes. I'm sure this will be a wonderful vacation.

Nirmala, if you think that's bad, you should see the price of the nice one that I bought! (Holt Renfrew will be the death of my bank account.)

Hi Girasoli, I'm sure it will be a great trip -- and good luck with all of your planning, less than 3 weeks to go! And thanks for reminding me of the looming strikes; fortunately for me, I'm taking the train for Ferrara on June 15th, so I'll just dodge the Sunday strike. I see Summer In Italy is showing a few airline walkouts on July 7 and 9 but those should miss you -- and those airline warnings are always "up in the air" anyway! (Gee, I sound like Brad.)

Mary, thanks so much for all of your good wishes and I wish the same for you on your upcoming trip! We'll have lots to talk about -- I can't wait!

Good tip, Annie, thanks! I hope to be able to say hello to Venice for you.

Candi, if the Spanx bra can do anything special, I'll let you know (now THAT would be a blog post!)

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, LOL! Very funny post! You must be so excited. Take care and have a wonderful trip!

Oh, you must report back on the bra!

Have a fantastic trip! I am happy for you and envious all at once! I am still flying high on my trip a month later but I would love to fly back!

My friend hasn't given me the name of the shoe store for larger sizes but I will let you know if she does!

Have a wonderful trip. I hope you blog along the way and fill us in with your travels. I'm going to have to check that bra out. Especially if it delivers chocolate. :) Thanks for a smile today.


I would only worry about that passport in the microwave - have a fabulous trip.


Have a wonderful trip, Sandra!

I too want to hear more about "the bra". I hate the darn things - when I am at home I never wear one.

Glad you can substitute anxiety with wit - this was priceless. Have a great time. menehune


Updates? Must hear how your new friend is supporting you. :)


Have we had a report yet on the Spanx bra?

I just ordered two of them - one on eBay ($35) and one on FreshPair ($29). I am searching for the perfect bra for my September trip.


Hi Nancy, wow! Those are fantastic prices!

I should do a proper update on the new bras, which have both worked out extremely well. I wore the Spanx more than I thought that I would, it's really comfortable and invisible. I suppose that's because it's seam free. There are a few drawbacks, as the features that make it comfortable also mean the girls aren't ratcheted up to the degree they might be in a more structured device.

I think Kim also asked, because she was not at all happy with her Spanx bra. So maybe it's time for a full discussion about this!

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