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Gratitude Friday: My Mom, My Brother


Inspired by Diana many bloggers have been taking time on Fridays to think about things that we're grateful for.

I've also been inspired this week by my friend Letizia whose recent post about her mama is especially poignant.

So today, I'm thinking about how very grateful I am that my Mom, who turned 83 in February, is still enjoying her life despite many setbacks she has faced in recent years. Since moving into a seniors' home (which she loves) 18 months ago, Mom is spending much more time now with her sisters, including my auntie Jean, in the centre of the above photo. I think that makes them all happy.

I'm also very, very grateful for my brother Robert, also in this photo taken at Mom's birthday party last February. Rob is 10 years older than me, and an ideal big brother. He's very shy and gentle and loves animals far more than is good for him. Feral cats know that as long as he's around, they have a home and all the cat chow they can consume.

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Dear Sandra
I am grateful because I have a considerate, kind, generous friend like you.


Thank you, Letizia! I feel the same way about you!

Nice post, Sandra!Family is worth gratitude.

Moms ARE great! menehune


What a sweet post, Sandra! Your Mom is so lucky to have you for a daughter.

I liked the part about the feral cats too!

Beautiful post! I am so glad your mom is happy in the senior home. It must be a relief for you knowing there are people there to watch over her. How wonderful that she has more time to spend with her sister.

Wonderful post. Your mom looks so nice and I love the fact that your brother takes care of the cats.

Brad'll Do It:

I guess "strength" (from Mom's perseverance) and "kind" (from bro's gentleness) run in your family, since you seem to embody both traits yourself!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, wonderful post. You have such wonderful people in your life to be grateful for. Your family looks lovely.

Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments!

Candi, Kathy and menehune, I've been really fortunate in that my family members all get along well.

Girasoli, we really are incredibly blessed that my hometown has such a great seniors' facility. My Mom loves it there and I don't think that happens too often.

Annie, Nancy -- these cats really have it pretty good, Robert is very soft. He still hasn't gotten over the death of his dog several years ago, so now he obsesses on the cats. Lately, he has been fretting over the fact that one of the feral kittens (Jasper) who moved in last winter has disappeared. Rob suspects the foxes (who also moved in last winter, but in a separate out-building) may have gotten Jasper. To comfort my brother, I continue to argue that Jasper likely went walkabout when spring came. But Rob remains skeptical and doesn't trust the foxes. I'll bet he's feeding them anyway.

Brad, YOU'RE very kind. I loved the video that you and Palma put together, all my favourite haunts.


Sandra, thanks - what a lovely read this morning (I'm a little behind in my reading.) Love the photo! Your mom and brother both sound wonderful. As a little girl, I always wanted a big brother, Robert sounds just like how I imagined a brother to be!

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