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Gratitude Friday: Umbrian Elegance



Welcome back to Gratitude Friday, a time of the week when fellow blogger Diana urges us to set aside a few moments to reflect on some of the things in our lives for which we are grateful.

Last week, my friend Mary posted about her feelings of gratitude for many wonderful guests that have visited her family's elegant country inn in central Umbria, Genius Loci. Today, I'm thinking -- with much gratitude -- of several wonderful days I spent there in June.


Genius Loci is in a gorgeous spot in the hills above Bevagna and Foligno, with Montefalco and Spello and Assisi all in sight. Mary's son Michael is a fantastic host, as manager of the inn, and her entire family really make guests feel right at home.

Each guest room was carefully decorated by Mary with beautiful antiques, like the large, curved wardrobe in my room, and lovely linens and very comfortable beds and bathrooms. Here are a few photos of my room, which was much more elegant and comfortable than these photos can convey.



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Barb Cabot:

Lovely and I hope someday to meet Mary and her family and stay at Genius Loci. So happy you were there and thank you for sharing these nice photos.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, Umbria looks so beautiful. I need to visit there one day soon. I think your room in Mary's Inn looks so inviting! You did great with your photos.

Thank you so much for sharing. I can see why you are so grateful for having visted Mary and her beautiful Inn. Umbria looks like a very special place.

Have a great weekend!


Ahhh...sigh...so beautiful, Sandra! Thanks for the gorgeous photos and sharing your stay at Genius Loci. I have only zipped through Umbria on the train to Assisi, but long to return and wander around for a couple weeks someday with Dave. I think he would love Umbria (far more so than Florence - he does not share my passion for that amazing and wonderful place!)

Gorgeous photos! I really do need to get brave enough to drive in Italy. I am missing out on so much!

Beautiful shots - lots to be grateful there. One of these days . . . I keep saying that. LOL

What a lovely post and such a tribute to Genius Loci. THANK YOU, Sandra, for this testimony and appreciation of what we have tried to create. We, as I have so often said, are grateful for our amazing clientele, for our aware, informed, discerning, and gracious guests...just like you! We look forward eagerly to your return!!!!!!!!!
Again, thanks for this generous entry. All of us at Genius Loci ( Michael, Maurizio, Mar, Lena and I) are most appreciative!


Barb, I am confident that you would love it there, and enjoy meeting Mary and her family!

Kathy, Umbria really is remarkable and I know you'd enjoy it. Maybe after Scotland!

Hello Anne. Like you, I love Florence but I can see how the pace would be hard on some visitors. If that's the case with Dave, I'm sure he would love the small towns and easier pace of Umbria!

Girasoli, I was surprised how much easier it is to rent a car and drive in Italy than I would have expected. Even getting gas wasn't as hard as I thought it might be.

Jerry, maybe you can work in some Umbria cooking classes on your next trip to Italy.

Hello Mary, you really have created such a wonderful, special place that I have to feel much gratitude for having had a chance to share in it. Hope everyone is well (including little Virgola!)

What a beautiful place and your photos are fantastic!

Who knew that we've slept in the same bed? That was our room when we brought our Umbrian tour to Genius Loci this past July. GL is a special place.


Looks lovely. I'm sure I'll enjoy revisiting the photos in this posting in January!


It looks like a lovely place.

Once again, your photos are great!


Thanks, Annie, it really is a very beautiful spot and Mary and her family have made the most of it!

Brad, this is how rumours get started! You and your group must have had a wonderful stay there, I simply didn't have enough time.

Kathryn, I think you're right -- maybe I'll do a Summer In Italy series of blog posts in January to lift my spirits. BTW, hope to see you soon!

Hi Nancy, thanks! Are you home now from your Italian trip?

Mary's place is gorgeous and your room at Genius Loci looks very elegant and cozy.

I've been around Umbria a bit, spending a couple of weeks traveling to a few lovely towns by train and bus. It was wonderful and I hope to return in the near future.

I missed this one. LOL It looks greener and just as lovely in June.

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