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Gratitude Friday....Yoga


Inspired by Diana many bloggers have been taking time on Fridays to think about things that we're grateful for. This week, I've been thinking, with much gratitude, about my yoga classes. Now, I'm not very good at yoga. I'm not naturally flexible and as I approach 50, I seem to be getting a bit less flexible all the time. I work out at the gym five days a week, but I've focused most of my attention on cardio with some weight training.

However, I'm coming to realize that I need more balance, in every sense of the word. So last year, I began to drop into yoga classes. Not often, perhaps once a week. This week, for a change, I tried a hot yoga class and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I don't really like heat, and at 90 minutes and about 100 degrees F, it's pretty intense.

Yet I found the heat also helped me move into poses and hold them more easily. Strangely, it was also really relaxing, perhaps because I was so focused on how hot the room was, that I forgot about everything else!

The more yoga I practice, the more I can feel my shoulders and arms, and my core becoming stronger. Which is important; I'm not trying to cheat age, but I would like to be strong enough to stay healthy and be able to lift a heavy suitcase (is there any other kind?) onto a Trenitalia train for many more years to come!

BTW, this photo is from the Dominion Post in New Zealand showing a five-year-old trying the 'basket' pose.

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Cool - and good for you. I've heard yoga is an excellent way to keep in shape and tone up some muscles. Do you happen to remember a show called something like Yoga with Kareen? (probably early 70s, Canadian TV) I used to watch with my Aunt Phyllis...of course as a flexible little girl, the poses were a breeze for me. Not sure how I'd make out now at age 45 though!

Love the photo - nice to be that fluid and flexible - something that comes and goes with me - mostly goes.

Boy, can I relate to all you've said! I'm a pilates person with a bit of yoga (yogalates) - because I can't quite get into some of those poses....Glad you enjoy hot yoga - my daughter convinced me to try it - i did i once:-)

Namaste, menehune

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, I have never heard of Hot Yoga classes before. It sounds like an excellent workout and I'm glad that you find it very relaxing for you.

Lifting luggage up up the steps of a Trenitalia train is a great motivation idea. I must have to borrow that one.

Have a great weekend!


Anne, that's so funny! I do remember Kareen's Yoga on CBC when I was little. I think in those days people thought yoga was pretty out there -- something wild and foreign!

Hi memehune, Pilates is very tough, I'm very impressed that you can do it! I've never been strong enough (or coordinated enough) to stick with it.

Hi Kathy, thinking about all the situations where I need my muscles -- now and in future -- really is a motivator!

Great photo!! I keep saying I need to try yoga. Both my sister and my aunt do it. I have never heard of hot yoga but would probably prefer it to being in a cold air conditioned room. Glad you enjoyed the class. Yes, definitely a great motivator to lift luggage!!

Interesting to hear the good report about hot yoga. I've been doing yoga for years but have never tried the hot classes. Might have to give it a chance.


Girasoli, I'm finding yoga is really strengthening my shoulders, but it's pretty painful in the process!

Annie, you might enjoy the experience, just for a change. I'm not very good/experienced at yoga, and I find the heat makes it easier to hold poses for longer periods -- maybe too easy, because I go too far and am pretty stiff the next day.

I have never taken yoga but I'm seriously considering it since arthritis is becoming a big health issue. This post served as a reminder that I need to check my local city gym for yoga classes.

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