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First, we had Slow Travel; now, Slow.....Life?


I was struck by this recent story (and photo) from the Italian news service, ANSA. It seems a group of artists working in Milano is advocating a Slow ..... Life approach.

According to ANSA, twelve enormous pink “snails” have been placed in central Milan, part of an outdoor art installation that is designed to encourage fast-paced city residents to think about slowing down.

“Three metres long and two metres high, the huge molluscs are currently circling Piazza Scala in front of Milan's famous opera house and the nearby square in front of the Church of San Fedele,” reports ANSA.

“Passers-by have been unable to resist stopping to touch the bright pink snails made from recyclable plastic, whose tentacles are perkily extended to the sky,” the news report adds.

''Speed isn't always a virtue,'' Milan's culture councillor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, who championed the installation by the Italian Cracking Art group, told ANSA.

''We need to play with the city to break with our obvious daily urban routine and rediscover the experience of moving about the city,” he added.

''These snails are in the streets not only as an invitation (for people to) slow down, but also to listen, since their shape is reminiscent of an ear.''

The 12 snails will make their way over to the piazza in front of Milan's Palazzo Reale in January and remain in the city until January 20th. City council then intends to send the installation abroad to Chicago, Amman and Tel Aviv - three cities that are twinned with Milan. The snails will return to Milan in time to help promote an Expo planned for the Milan in 2015.

The Cracking Art group includes three Italians, two Belgians and one French designer, and has been introducing giant brightly coloured plastic animals into cities worldwide since 1993.

ANSA reports that Cracking Art claims its aim is to change the history of art through its strong environmental commitment and the revolutionary use of plastic materials to evoke ''the close relationship between natural life and artificial reality''.

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I love this! Stop and smell the roses, and stop and pet the huge pink snails...But is plastic really a revolutionary material?

Slow is definitely trendy these days. Even here in NC, the Slow Food movement has caught on (not a bad thing at all!).


Annie, I have an irresistable urge to pet one of these things!

The use of the term "revolutionary" is odd; they may be refering to their use of plastic in this kind of project. It's reportedly recyclable, although my mind boggles at that!

Cute! I like this move, people do need to slow down!

Barb Cabot:

This is a hoot and a half. Love those purple snails. I've got a joke to go with this but I'll save it for another time. Love it.

What fun! I hope this will bring smiles to a lot of faces in Milano, and will serve its purpose of making people pause for a moment from busy routines... Dana

Finally a movement that I can really get my head around! I should cut this out for my boss.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, great story! Love the pink snails and it is cool that they are going out on the road. Thanks for reminding us to slow down and like Annie says smell the roses. Being on Skye has really made me slow my pace way down and appreciate what is around me. I shall try to exercise that motto when I return to the fast pace and grind of life back home. :)


Candi, it's a great philosophy, isn't it?

Barb, I would love to hear that joke! (Maybe there's a blog post there.....)

Hi Dana, can you imagine turning a corner and running into these guys? That would definitely bring a smile to my face!

Jerry, somehow I'm not sure bosses would like the idea of us all moving at a slower pace. But it never hurts to ask!

Hi Kathy, I wonder what life on the Isle of Skye would be like? Beautiful, I'll bet!


That is so funny and creative and such a fantastic reminder to stop rushing around all the time! What a great way to get the message across. Think I'll take a snail break right now and meander downstairs for a cup of coffee...lol

They are very cute. I would love to be a fly on the wall watching the reactions as people see them for the first time.


I LOVE the snails! And what a great idea.

Thanks for passing along this great story, Sandra.

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