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Gratitude Friday: Beautiful Umbrian textiles


It’s Gratitude Friday, when many bloggers – inspired by Diana -- take a few moments to reflect on things for which we are grateful.

I was very grateful, and thrilled, this week when my friend and fellow blogger Mary very kindly mailed me two more textiles that I had purchased from the very talented Marta, who operates her family textile business Giuditta Brozzetti in Perugia.



Mary is very well acquainted with Marta and with the Brozzetti atelier, and first introduced me to these beautiful, hand-woven products. I’ve bought a few different pieces now, and treasure each one. I’ve written before about Marta’s work and my belief that her textiles are works of art.

I especially enjoying teasing out the meanings in the designs Marta uses, for they all have significance. Marta carefully researches the patterns she develops for her textiles, for greater historical authenticity.

My previous textile, which I am going to hang above my bed, features a decorative pattern called "a medallion Leoni" and is taken from a 12th century fresco that adorns a side chapel of the church of Santa Maria Infraportas in Foligno in central Umbria.

And my very first Brozzetti textile, mounted in my hallway, exhibits an array of brilliant burgundy gryphons, one of the civic symbols of Perugia, shown in the “rampant” stance (apparently, this is a classic position in heraldry -- the study or profession of symbols and coats of arms)

Mary is usually my source for interpreting Marta’s symbols and I’m going to have to once again ask for Mary’s help in understanding the significance of the design on my new textile – it appears to be a stylized bird surrounded by an array of other repeating symbols.

The second piece I just acquired is a beautiful pillow cover, with rich colours as well as my favourite Latin motto also shown on the gryphons textile: “Per Aspera Ad Astra” or (roughly) “through difficulties do we reach the stars.”

I love the colours and texture of these beautiful pieces, and I know that every time I look at them, I’ll see Umbria.

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Barb Cabot:

Really lovely and what a special reminder of Umbria. Love them.


LOVE the gorgeous yellow! It would look simply marvellous in my newly painted living room! :) The pillow cover is beautiful as well. I noticed the phrase Per Aspera Ad Astra as soon as I saw your photo! What a great motto.


you always make me google - this posting - "Per Aspera Ad Astra" - the wikipedia has quite a few references


Hi Barb, thanks so much!

Anne, I wish I were a better photographer; I really haven't done the pieces justice.

Hi Kathryn! I've seen a few variations on the motto, it does seem popular (or as popular as a phrase in a dead language can be!)

ohh-these are lovely! Mahalo for sharing her name as well. m

Soooo beautiful! I especially love the yellow one. It is so bright and cheery.

They are gorgeous. What beautiful way to bring a little bit of Umbria to your home.

I also love textiles and have a few from my travels, displayed in my home, but I have yet to bring one from my travels to Italy. Maybe on my next trip...

I just read the latest entry on Mary's blog about a couple of beautiful new items from Giuditta Brozzetti. The bookmark with Deruta ceramic beads is calling my name.


Thanks, Girasoli -- the yellow/gold is really vivid and warm.

Hi Maria, I'm a little at surprised by how interested I have become in textiles. Until relatively recently, I don't think I really appreciated how beautiful, creative and really significant the work can be!

I'd love to see a few photos of your textiles, perhaps a future blog topic?


Beautiful textiles! I especially like the pillow cover.

Thank you for sharing.

These are so gorgeous! Love the colors and the designs. The pillow is so very cool (and the motto is such a good one).

A great thing to collect!

These are beautiful! In especially love the first one!

Absolutely gorgeous! And I love how you have developed a relationship with the artist, that is great. I love the first one you bought, too, I'm gonna look it up right now!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, these are so beautiful. Seeing them everyday must be so wonderful for you. I love how Marta's designs and patterns have great significance and it is interesting to learn about them. She is a very talented artist.

Thank you so much for sharing your photos and Marta's talents with us.

Mindy Smith:

Buon Natale Sandra! I stopped by for a glass of vino and I see you've acquired a few more stunningly gorgeous textiles!! I think your pillow cover is WONDERFUL!!

I'm sending you a virtual glass of vino and best wishes for a fun and delicious holiday season. I can't wait to meet you in San Diego where I hope it will be beautiful springtime weather!

Again, your purchases are exquisite, love 'em!!


Thanks everyone!

And thanks very much for the glass of vino, Mindy! I hope you also have a wonderful holiday season. Buon Natale!

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