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Gratitude Friday: I’m just grateful the bill wasn’t any larger......


It's Gratitude Friday, a day when many bloggers, inspired by Diana reflect on things for which we are grateful.

Today, I’m certainly grateful that my blog is up and running again – Slow Travel blogs have been down all week with technical issues.

And I’m grateful that my car repair bill wasn’t any larger than the $1,500 I had to pay yesterday. Crikey – that was painful!

It made me wish I was driving Purple Ed, rather than my Toyota Tercel.

Purple Ed is, of course, one of the vintage trucks my brother has restored. I’ve been learning to drive a standard on Ed (named after his predecessor Old Ed, a beautiful cream-coloured light delivery truck sold in haste by my brother during a fit of pique.) However, as sturdy as Purple Ed is, my brother assures me that his upkeep would likely be even more expensive than my Toyota.

And, in fairness to my Tercel, which is 18 years old, I haven’t had to spend anything on her in 11 years. Seriously. Since I moved here 11 years ago, I have paid for semi-annual oil changes, a new battery once, and that’s it.

So I suppose I was due. But still. That $1,500 could have paid for my next flight to Italy and back, with enough left to cover my share of the rent of the house in Anghiari in June.

However, I am grateful the car repair bill wasn’t any larger. Now, I just hope the damn car continues to run.......

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, a dependable car and inexpensive repair bill is definitely someting to be grateful for. I'm glad the bill wasn't any higher for you too.

Have a great weekend!


Hi Kathy, you, too -- I hope you're having a good visit in Scotland with Brother Sheep and Sister Cow! (I know, I'm muddling up the Highlands and Assisi!)

I just paid over five grands for a new motor for my Buick Rendevouz that has over 140K miles on it. I was bummed to have to pay that much money, but I am happy to keep my car, I love it, and it's been all over the country with me(as obvious from the mileage). I just hope it doesn't require any major repairs soon.


Ouch, Candi, $5,000 must have hurt! But if you love your SUV, then that's what you have to do. And now she should be good for another 140,000 miles!

Give me Purple Ed anyday! Tercel, do they still make them??? Only kidding. Hope your pocketbook is feeling better. menehune

$1,500 is a lot but for an 18 year old car and no major repairs for 11 years, that is pretty good.

I was a Toyota Tercel owner. I bought it in 1983 - first car I ever bought on my own! It was gold. I sold it in 1989 when I moved to Washington for 2 years. Otherwise, I would have kept it much longer.

I hope this repair will give you many more years with your Tercel problem free.


Hi menehune! I think Ed has a lot more style than my more poor little Tercel!

Girasoli, I know that you know all too well the expenses of car ownership! I'm banking on this being pretty much the end of my big car repair bills. Because if this begins to become routine, I'll be forced to sell my car for scrap and start over.

Toyotas are built to last and hopefully your car will be good for another 11 years w/o repairs.

I have a Prius and I just love it. I named her Chispa which is Spanish for Sparky. Gives me 48 mpg.


Maria, that's a great name, Chispa aka Sparky! The Prius looks like a great car.

I do love my Toyota.


Ahh, car repairs...

You are right - in the big picture, a $1,500 car repair after all of these years of service IS something to be grateful for!


I love Purple Ed, you have mentioned him before, I think?! I currently drive a Pontiac Vibe (which has a Toyota drive train etc, being the sister vehicle to the Matrix.) I don't love it like I loved my electric blue Oldsmobile Alero though...I miss that car, sniff. Of course the reason we got rid of it was an impending huge repair bill, so far the Vibe has been routine maintenance only, fingers crossed it stays that way!

I too am grateful the blogs are back up, and for your amusing take on repair bills!


Nancy, believe me -- I am grateful the bill wasn't any larger!

Anne, I have talked about Purple Ed before; I find him quite intriguing! Your electric blue Olds sounds like it must have been pretty eye-catching. Hopefully the Vibe won't cost you much in repairs.

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