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Have these cute little guys really made me sick?



I am so sick. I haven't been this sick in a long time. Is it swine flu? I don't know. I don't care. I just feel wretched. But not so wretched that I can't whine about in my blog!

OK, I don't believe there is a real connection between Piglet and swine flu; that's probably just one of the millions of misconceptions floating around about the virus. That said, I hope that my neighbours don't show up at my door with flaming torches to rid the building of my pestilence.

Actually, after a really wretched night, I now feel more calm. So long as I don't try to eat or drink or move (fingers flying over the keyboard don't count.) I think I have a fever but I can't be bothered to dig out the thermometer to find out.

If this flu was caused by one of those little piggies, I'm impressed by their ability to seek out my weak points. Amazingly, as the virus got its grip on me yesterday afternoon, it zeroed right in on every place in my body that causes me pain: it has completely settled into the tight spot on my lower back and has my ongoing neck and shoulder problems utterly in its evil grip.

I'm actually not that bothered by the nausea and all that goes with such matters, but the throbbing in my neck that burns all the way up my head -- now that bothers me.

Oh well. I'll live. But I'm beginning to think I'd like to see those little piggies turned into pancetta.

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I'm so sorry you're ill. Do you want me to bring you anything? I can easily drop by after work or at the weekend.

Dreadful! Mar got back to the office and class today after a full week of the flu. Take it easy and get well soon, Sandra.


Oh Sandra I'm so sorry you feel so terrible! They say that the majority of flu cases these days is actually swine flu. Whatever...can you call a GOOD friend to come over (with face mask and latex gloves) to help you out a bit?

barb cabot:

So so sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. I hope you get better soon. Take it easy and whine all you want. We are here to listen.


Just a note to say I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this! Take care, drink lots of liquid, and nap often.



I hope you feel better soon.
Stay home and get plenty of rest.

I am soooo sorry that you are sick. I wish I could bring you over some homemade chicken soup. That is what my grandma always made me when we were sick growing up. I hope you get better very soon. Take good care and rest.

ps...little piglets are adorable. I have a hard time blaming them also (although if I get this flu, I might just forget how cute they are).

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, I'm very sorry to hear that you're so sick. Take care and I hope that you feel better soon.


Thanks everyone so much for your kind wishes! They mean a lot!

Nirmala, that's so nice of you to offer. But I definitely wouldn't want to expose you to this nasty little bug. And I'm doing well as far as supplies -- I have lots of tea and water (and I dislike juice so I'm not missing that)

Mary, I'm glad to hear that Mar is feeling well again. She must have been so sick, the poor woman!

Hi Vicky, that's a kind thought. But I'm well supplied (especially with novels and movies; key, when you're sick.)

Thanks Barb, but I'll try to keep the whining down!

Hello Judy, you're so right about fluids. The body can go without food for a good period but water is truly essential.

Kathryn, I'm glad this hit me now, and not before my visit to Alberta. I hate to think what might happen if I had carried this virus into Mom's senior's home.

Girasoli, isn't chicken soup the best when you're sick? That's the only thing I've felt like facing -- Cup o' Soup.

Thanks Annie! And Kathy, hope the trip planning goes well, I'm hanging on your every post!

I hope you get over whatever flu you have soon(most likely swine flu these days). Please take Tylenol to reduce the fever, drink plenty of liquids and rest, rest, rest.

Take care!

oh, so sorry you got this - it's dreadful. Lots of fluids, and all the comfort food you can eat should help....whine away - we are here for you!


Thanks Candi, menehune! Good advice, and easy to take -- especially the resting part (it's all I feel like doing!)

I hope that you're feeling better. I love that even when sick you still have a brilliant sense of humour and a desire to share with us all. LOL

Pamper yourself!


Oh poor Sandra! So sorry to hear you've been hit with this. My Sara came down with the flu last Friday, and only just started feeling human again yesterday. I could not believe how sick she was Friday night - I didn't even go to sleep, I was that concerned.

So you have my sympathies and prayers for a speedy recovery. Sara found lemon tea to be soothing, she drank copious amounts of that!


Thanks Jerry -- I guess that's the sign of a compulsive writer; even illness becomes fodder!

Anne, I hope that Sara is completely recovered by now! I think young people around her age are particularly vulnerable, especially to H1N1. I'm beginning to feel better and the tea is an excellent idea!

Oh Sandra I'm so sorry that you are so sick. Take care and I hope that you’re already feeling better.


Since I am reading this 2 days after your post Sandra, I sure hope that you are feeling a little better!


I too hope you are feeling better by now.

Just take good care of yourself, Sandra!

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