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Botticelli and me in Frankfurt


(That's me in the centre.) Okay, that wasn't very funny.

And I shouldn't joke around when so important a decision as the Judgement of Paris is at hand.

I'm likely flyiing to Frankfurt in mid-January on business and I don't know very much about the city -- anyone have any tips?

One stop that I hope to make while I'm there is at Frankfurt's Städel Museum, which is currently mounting a significant exhibition of works by the great Renaissance Italian artist Sandro Botticelli. The photo above is of his version of "The Judgment of Paris."

According to the New York Times: "The show is, as Botticelli can be, uneven. It has some great works, including the large 'Annunciation' fresco painted originally for the hospital of San Martino alla Scala in Florence."


I do love depictions of the Annunciation, a favourite subject in the Renaissance!

Presumably, if the NY Times is to be believed, there will also be some less great pieces in the show. But given that it includes some 80 pieces by Botticelli and his workshop, there's likely some room for error!

Botticelli was based in Florence and painted during the so-called Golden Age when Lorenzo the Magnificent -- Lorenzo de’ Medici -- ruled the city.

This, from the museum's website: "The ideal beauty of his mythological figures and the elegant grace of his Virgin figures make his creations the epitome of Florentine painting....

"Initially trained as a goldsmith and then apprenticed to Fra Filippo Lippi, Sandro Botticelli, next to Verrocchio, Ghirlandaio, and the Pollaiuolo brothers, ranks among the most successful painters in Florence in the second half of the quattrocento," says the museum's website.

"Held in equally high esteem as both a panel and a fresco painter, Botticelli enjoyed a high standing beyond his native Florence and was thus one of the artists summoned to decorate the walls of the Sistine Chapel in Rome by Pope Sixtus IV in 1481."

I wish I was in Rome right now.....but a few hours with Botticelli should make me feel right at home!

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No tips for Frankfurt but I like the idea of the trip to the museum. Those are great pictures of Botticelli. I just wish I could convince my hubby to go to Europe.

Have a great New Year.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Sandra, I was very briefly in Frankfurt but only for a night as a layover returning to the US from Spain so I have no experience that can help, but how exciting for you to be able to be visiting there on a business trip and being able to visit the museum and see the exhibition of the Italian artists like Botticelli. By the paintings you posted, it will be such a wonderful experience to see some of his works in person. I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences.

Hope you are having a wonderful Holidays so far. Have a very Happy New Year!

Barb Cabot:

No tips either sorry but this is so exciting. I'm thrilled that business takes you to such wonderful cities. Have fun.

Can't help with tips on Franfurt. Excited you get to go though. Any chance of sneaking to Italy while there?


Hi Marta, that's too bad about your husband's lack of interest in Europe. But you both certainly seem to travel to a lot of other exciting spots!! And Happy New Year to you, too.

Hi Kathy -- I hope you had fun in Vegas! I'm reading about a lot of great museums in Frankfurt, so perhaps I'll be able to squeeze in a few others, in addition to the Botticelli show. Hope you, too, have a wonderful New Year!

Barb, I don't get to travel much in my current job so I'm looking forward to this trip!

Girasoli, that is such a tempting idea! Another friend also suggested I sneak in a few days in Italy, which really got my mind turning over the possibilities! But I have so many vacation commitments this year -- including at least 3 weeks in June in Italy -- that I don't know if I can spare any holiday days...but it is a tempting thought!

Sorry, I don't have tips either - but, I do like the idea of Botticelli and traveling to Europe. You have a super job with great perks! m


We stopped in Rudesheim am Rhein a small town 75km from Frankfurt which makes "Asbach Uralt". The brandy is great in special coffees but my main memory is the parking lots full of tour buses and polka music. We only passed through the Frankfurt train station (HUGE!) so I cannot help on that front. Have a great trip.


Thanks menehune -- and Happy New Year !

Hi Kathryn, it sounds as if you traveled around Germany a bit. Did you enjoy it? Despite tour buses and polka music (hmmm, sounds like Octoberfest came early!)


Sorry, my experience with Frankfurt is limited to a few hours layover at the airport, plus the bus ride from the Frankfurt am Main airport to the nearby smaller airport that Ryanair flies in and out of (I forgot the name, used to be a US military base, I think.)

The museum sounds great though, and still an Italian connection with the Botticelli exhibit!

I've been through Frankfurt twice (once with a short overnight) but regrettably, I don't have any tips for you.

I think it's wonderful that you'll be able to see the Botticelli exhibit. I'm always looking for the Italian connection when I'm not traveling in Italy. On my recent visit to the Louvre I spent most of my time with the Italian masters.


Wish I would have found your website sooner. I live in the Frankfurt area - have for 21 years. Attended the Botticelli exhibit yesterday. Standing in line while it snowed was not a great start. Fantastic exhibit. Took about 2.5 hours to truly see it all. Highly recommend it. It ends in three days. Cheers!


Hi Stafford -- I'm envious that you were able to see the exhibit! My trip to Frankfurt has been postponed to early March, so I've missed the exhibiton entirely.

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